Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 17, 2008

CDTV Celebrity Boyfriend Survey

CDTV did a survey in Japan, where people had to vote on which they thought would make the best boyfrend (or who they’d want as a bf?). Anyway, I found the results pretty interesting (if not a little predictable XD) so I thought I’d c/p it here :D

1 Akanishi Jin (<33 I approve)
2 Kamenashi Kazuya
3 hyde
4 Matsumoto Jun
5 Yamapi
6 takahiro(EXILE)
8 JeJung
10 Sho Sakurai
11 Domoto Koichi
12 冈野昭仁  (I’m sorry, I have no idea who he is O_O) Okano Akihito
13 小渕健太郎  (ditto) Kobukuro
14 Nishikido Ryo
15 上地雄辅  (I fail ;____;)
16 Tegoshi Yuuya
18 Shindou Haruichi
19 Teppei

Credits: Baidu + Sayuu for helping me with the names ^^

Woot, JJ’s the only foreign artist who made it to top ten :DD!!! I’m surprised Yamapi didn’t make it to top three, though….and I would’ve put Oguri Shun on that list, but that’s just me and my bias ^_^

BTW, to our LJ readers, my LJ username is Miss_Esperanza, so please don’t be confused when you get replies from that username, it’s just me with a different alias ^____^


  1. lol ok jap fans are even more biased than korean XD or maybe its just kat-tun’s fans … *bricked*

  2. 12’s Okano Akihito (Porno Graffitti)
    13. Kobukuro
    15. —- I don’t know either XD (The first name is Takeshi ; I .. don’t know how to read the rest XD)
    18.Shindou Haruichi (Porno Graffitti)

    Okay i wasnt that of much help ^^;;

    YAY for HYDE ~ And most importantly ジェジュン !!
    I haven’t commented here in years ;____;

  3. PS. This is Sayuu =]

  4. Bangdice:
    Lol, yea XD There are actually quite a few JE boys on that list O_O But imo, Yamapi should be second. Cos I <3 him.

    HI :D!!!

    Thanks for the translations *____* I looked on Baidu and Google, but still couldn’t find the names ;___;

  5. whoa o_o I agree that Oguri Shun needs to be on there, and Miura Haruma xD
    Yuusuke Uechi is number 15..i think =P

  6. 15. Yusuke Kamiji

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