Posted by: lovediaries | August 17, 2008

More fancams from SMTown Concert


Idk, some of you may watch and think “That’s no big deal” but its because it’s TEUK…skinny little boy man…and he’s doing sexy things like that. It’s not a rip open shirt but a teasing roll up shirt type thing. And IT JUST MAKES ME HAPPY :D because he’s of age and not illegal for me to be perving !!! /edit.

Yep, still on SHINee high; I promise the next time I post something it’ll be non-SHINee related XD.

OMG who said Minho couldn’t be a dork? Watch him dance to pajama party. He is so lanky and when he dances to their crazy choreography he looks like … idk you know those loooong human-shaped floaty balloons that you see outside of car selling places? Yeah like that. Except less flailing.

A clearer fancam of Taemin stripping. It’s actually recording the screen and surprisingly clear without those black lines going through it. The beginning made me LOL. It was like he was playing a video game. Well he got shot XD The performance was really short though. 40 seconds. I thought it’d be much longer than that…like, idk a WHOLE song’s worth. Does this mean that everyone else’s would be this short too?

Ooh that reminds me, I watched Junsu’s dance solo too. The fans go crazy every time there is physical contact between Junsu and the female dancer. She doesn’t even do that much lol.

Then there’s Yunho’s dance solo. The sound is really bad but FRONT VIEW OF HIS CHEST :DD. His body is so nice and lean…mmm. And a Yunho focused fancam from Hiyaya, Oasis and Show me Your Love.

Yeah okay, someone stop me from watching anymore fancams T_T


  1. Thank You for Junsu and Yunho.
    I’m so happy now.

  2. Lol Yay for Legal!Teuk.^^ SM needs to control Yunho and the rest of DBSK. How can the company make money if all the fangirls spontaneously combust? Common sense you know.;P

    Minho is so adorable when he acts his age. I want to see Shinee perform a Suju H song. It will, however, be the last thing I see when I go blind from excessive cute. You know what’s not cute? Taemin ripping his shirt off. It was pretty warm(since 15 yr olds can’t be hot) but then I saw how skinny he was. Shinee is slowly turning me from noonafan to ajumafan b/c I totally thought “Put your shirt back on and go eat dinner!” Lol

  3. thank you for sharing the links. teukie chest flash, even if he’s not exactly built for it dammit siwon, YOU on the other hand are is still strangely hot. i’ve been finding him really hot with this new hair lately and with the chest flash he’s all namja mode and that is just hawt <3

    and yunho! despite the minor moobiness, he freaking knows he’s freaking hot in this :D

  4. theselooselips
    No problem! Glad it’s made you happy ^^

    LMAO AJUMAFAN AHAHAHAA XD Oh Gosh I love reading your comments; you always make me laugh XD

    Omg I know! How cuuuute was he dancing to PJ Party. Maybe even cuter than SJ XDD But shhh I didn’t say that.

    I agree. I think it’s strangely hot because Teuk is probably the last (or second last?) person you’d guess would do something like that but do it sexily? Oh IDK maybe he’s always had it in him XD I don’t know if I prefer dorky!teuk or stripper!teuk XD Probably the latter xD

    ROFL I actually kept staring at yunho’s little moobs LOL

  5. Sharing!

    Changmin Pic – Battle of the Magnae’s XD Changmin’s face is like “U CANT TAKE IT,ITS MINE!” XD

    Credits: as tagged + DNBN + baidu + fangirlmitz

    JaeJoong with his biological sister

    Wacky JaeJoong Oppa!

    Kim Bumonim (I love JJ’s dad’s peace sign lmao)

    JaeJoong’s sister looks SO MUCH like him here <3

    Credits: as tagged + baidu + fangirlmitz

    From : FangirlMitz Blog + original sources (as credited)

  6. Whoa thanks Querubin! I didn’t know JJ was in close contact with his biological half siblings. They have the same smile.=D Love the 2nd pic, Jae’so sweet. Awww….

  7. querubin
    omg thank you for those! I only have like one pic of Jae with his biological siblings so it’s nice to have more for my collection lol. She looks so cute and a lot like Jae ^^

    They do have the same smile! Theyre so cute together ^^

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