Posted by: lovediaries | August 17, 2008

080724 SHINee on School of Rock

I’ve been on a SHINee high for days lol…can you tell? xP

| Playlist: Part 1-3 | Behind the Scenes 1-6 |

Yes, this was from a few wks ago but I only just got the chance to watch it ^^

Part 1

It’s quite long so I’ll just do a quick summary. In part 1, the boys arrive at the high school and gather around and have a talk. They take turns back stabbing each other which shows how incapable boys are of bitching =.=” I know it’s probably all scripted but still lol I want juicy stuff! Not stupid things like “Jonghyun sings in his sleep” XD. But them talking about Minho looking like an alien was SO FUNNY.

Part 2/3 they share like two ghost stories. Jonghyun’s freaked me out lol. Anything to do with singing/recording studios is scary. But lol they’re such girls coz they all get scared when the lights turn off and when the door swings open by itself XD.

Part 3 is the drama and omg IT WAS SCARY. I knew there had to be a twist at the end, though, so that was what kept me going. I honestly can’t watch scary things but I go to great lengths when it comes to fangirling XD. They all make really good girls, actually. Like in the pics, Minho and Onew weren’t that convincing to me but I actually thought Minho made the prettiest girl (except maybe after Taemin; just cause its Taemin :P) O.o I think it was the large eyes and the hair. But man can they all act bitchy – I was impressed. Especially by Minho’s facial expressions.

Part 2 & Part 3

They perform Real, In my Room and Replay at the High School. The interaction between the students wasn’t as bad as I expected lol. The most touchy feely part would be when Jonghyun gave one of the girls a piggy back ride.

I really liked the part where the girls say 5 words and the member picked replied with 5 words too. I loved when one fan asked Onew “Can you seduce me?” and Onew says “Is that alright?” XD. THEN omg HILARIOUS stuff. One asked Minho “Will you go out with me?” and he rejected her so she throws back “You will regret it” and the MC goes “No I think you will” and she full freaks out and says “No, sorry my friends made me do it” AHAHA. That’s what you get for trying to flirt with Minho *glares* XDD

Behind the Scenes

This is really really cute <33 They play around more than usual. When one of the camera people says Key looks really natural looking at himself in the mirror he’s like “Oh…but that’s not really the sort of thing I usually do” and Jonghyun is like “She probably means you’re good at acting”. Can you feel the love?? But one of the people commented “I didn’t think you were that close” and they all look awkward and Onew is like “No, we’re a family” ^______^ SO CUTE! Key also agreed with me that Minho was the prettiest girl but the camera went to Jonghyun =.=” Who was sitting like a man on the steps lmao. But yeah, they were all pretty awkward with the skirts xP

In conclusion: the camera loves Key, no one plays with Onew and the boys are slowly coming out of their shell ^^

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