Posted by: lovediaries | August 19, 2008

DBSK A Love Story – Kiss Shiyou Ka?

{credit: mickytoho @ youtube}

OMG ROFLMAO You guys have to watch this!!

Last time, JaeChunSu acted out “Doushite…” and this time YooMin do a “lovin’ you”; and oh gosh, Changmin makes the funniest girl XD.

Chamiko has a crush on Yoochun and she finally finds the courage to ask him to walk her to the station. While on their way there, Chamiko suggests they play a game (this is such an asian game, lmao) and obviously this is the time for her to confess. It’s so funny when Chamiko says “I like you” because he she he then makes the CUTEST sound. It’s like “ooh heww” LOL, IDEK.


  1. LOL what a coincidence. I was just about to do a post on this after I finished JunJin’s bday post!!

    For some reason, the whole time I was listening to it, I kept imagining Changmin with braids and wearing those typical uniform with short skirts XDDDD haha talk about disturbing. But, its so cute how he acts all shy and his voice is all timid and awwwwww…And Yoochun’s voice is just sexy! The ending was cute too, but who goes and asks for a kiss right after someone confesses to you ROFL…

  2. ^*hi5* er…so where’s JunJin’s bday post? xPP

    Lol I can’t actually picture Changmin as a girl. He’s too manly to me *blush* And YES Yoochun’s voice is darn sexy. But…I’m still kinda afraid of hearing him live XD

    Lmao, I know eh. I was like “Theres 2 seconds left…how much can they say in that time???”

  3. Changdice who changed her name to Candychu:
    You WISH.

  4. PAS who confuses everyone including herself
    er, what are you talking about?

  5. chang
    Have no idea what you guys are talking about but umm cant you see my Bday post?!? I’ve published it. Please tell me u can see it cuz I can =SSS However, why is the whole blog in like bold. Its so weird. Maybe my net is screwed again..and honey, I hope your still not suicidal <333

    Did u change the text box? nice..except its a bit trippy with the bg thing *going cross eyed* hahaha

  6. ^Yeah, I’m with you. I have no idea what pattycake is on about.

    Oh this is so not fair. I want my own textbox.

    BUT IM STILL SUICIDAL. I should go to my work now.

    p.s I can see ur bday post now. ITS ORANGE :D

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