Posted by: lovediaries | August 19, 2008

If you had Onew in between your legs…

I’m sure you’d be uncomfortable too. Especially if you’re a guy. And if you’re positioned like this:
Image Hosted by


Remember how SuJu played this on Adonis Camp? And also recently in their Pajama Party MV? Well they’ve totally influenced SHINee XD

{credit: bestiz; sbs website}

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Key and Taemin are fully enjoying themselves (such KIDS!). Minho, on the otherhand, looks like he is in so much pain LOL. And I’d hate to think what Onew and Jonghyun look like (they managed to survive though ^^). Not only do they have their heads in between another guy’s groin but they’ve got another body riding on top of them.

Oh God, and this post is getting dirtier with every word; so I’ll just stop here.

More pictures here!



  1. OMG. I just looked at the title and went WHAAAAAAAAT O__________O

    Perhaps I should remind you that there are UNDERAGE readers here, and that *you* are also underage :PPPPPP

    But rofl, what kind of weird game is that XDDDD

  2. Well I *was* sleepy until I saw the title.^^ The horse game is too wierd for me, especially since the Suju H version was co-edO.o I feel pervy now b/c I didn’t interpret Minho’s expression as pain. Something else…yeah. Good to know that they have fun behind the scenes though.Lol

  3. pink panther
    what? there’s nothing wrong with my post (:o

    And plus, I’m not underage in candychu land :D

    Haven’t you ever seen this game in action? It’s super exciting :PP

    OMG. I only interpreted Minho’s expression as pain. You are so not ahjumma fan anymore. You’re back to pervy pedo noona fan :PP

    poor jonghyun&onew XDD .
    suju version was hilariouss — i was cracking up hahaha <3
    but these pictures look madfunny .

  5. ^Yep, these pictures are very interesting indeed. I can’t wait to see what they’re doing xP

  6. i studied the picture.
    and i finally noticed that guy on the bottom.
    i feel sorry for that guy.

  7. ^LOL as in you finally noticed Key and Taemin are sitting on someone? XDD It’s Onew and Jonghyun on the bottom

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