Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 20, 2008

Original version of “You’re Like Oxygen”

Click here to hear SHINee’s remake

I had no idea that this song was originally sang in English! The song was originally sang by 15 year old Martin Hedegaards – winner of Denmark’s X-Factor.

I’m still not sure what to think of this song….and I’m not even going to bother asking which version you like better, cos I know that, if you’re reading this, then you’re a SHINee fan XD. (Don’t you just hate it when you find a “who’s better: DBSK or ___” in the DBSK thread? It’s like, DUH, wonder what the answer will be =.=|||).

Idk, I’m not really into disco music…but the SHINee boys do a good job vocally ^___^ But….why did they have to call it “you’re like oxygen” =,= Everytime I see it, I feel like I’m reading Twilight XDDDD *gets bricked by Twilight fans* :P.

BTW, if you want to hear a good ENGLISH song, click here; “Thunder” by Boys Like Girls – one of my favourite English songs everrrrrrr *____*


P.S. Thank you to all everyone who left me birthday messages :DD!! I’ve replied to everyone’s comments <333


  1. Well the embedded vid is gone, but I watched this one:

    Not much difference between the original and the remake except for the language switch and the rap addition. They’re both great to me. I love Shinee’s dance though. Need. MV. Please.

  2. I totally LOVE Thunder by BoysLikeGirls!
    I’m mostly in the Suju fandom.. but I’m slowly getting sucked into the other groups too.. =_=”

  3. Ahhh … I do hope they got permission from the original singer though. o___o’
    Ooh, Thunder^^ I love Boys Like Girls… My favorite songs are Up Against the Wall and Five Minutes To Midnight by them. =]

  4. there is such a michael jackson groove to this song that it’s amazing!! i love michael jackson…. well his music, not his extracurriculars… :-P

    mmm, can’t wait til the album comes out!! the song is very catchy! love it!

    and i’m very curious to see minho rap :D

  5. Laflor501:

    Stupid youtube =.=

    Lol, I er….haven’t seen the dance XD It’s cos I refuse to watch fancams, so I just put it on play in the background and did work in another tab XD

    I’m into LOTS of groups :DDD!! Idk, my music taste is all over the place; DBSJ is only a small part of my music collection ^__^v

    Haaha, I’m sure SM got permission XDDD Though I’d like to see LSM being sued….:P

    I love “Hero/Heroine” *_____*

    I just wrote my music essay on Michael Jackson :D! The guy’s a genius (musically :P).

    I’m very curious to see Minho get some lines, full stop XDDD

  6. Wow I actually like this original one too! I’ll prefer SHINee’s version though, for obvious reasons. :) Although it’s true that there isn’t much difference. I wonder if the Korean lyrics are a translation of this song’s or if they’re original?

    The dance <3

    I hope the MV will be here soon! And the whole album… Just can’t wait! ^^

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