Posted by: beckery | August 20, 2008

To Be Kangin & Heechul Ep 1

Kangin and Heechul’s Reality Show “To be Kangin and Heechul” is subbed! Part 1{Credits to ilovekido @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3. ::Edit:: Part 3 added. Theres 3 parts, but Part 3 isnt uploaded yet, so I will edit it in when it is. The show is about how both of them prepare themselves for their musical, Xanadu. I’ve only watched a bit of Part 1 so far, but ROFL I’ve never seen them look so timid and shy XDDD Its Kangin and Heechul for goodness sake. Those two arent scared of ANYTHING, yet they looked a bit freaked out here hahahaha….Oh and they come to their first rehearsal late =_= Talk about being punctual!!


  1. haha it was strange seeing them so shy!
    poor boys they looked so worried x.x
    heechul says a few words in english in this ep and it’s really cute hehe

  2. savageshrink
    lol I still havent finished watching it. Gosh I fail -.- but I did watch the first part and Heechul was talking really fast when he was reading the script. Like really fast o_o haha. And yea it is funny to see them so shy for once XDD

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