Posted by: lovediaries | August 21, 2008

Lee Yeon Hee’s message to SHINee

Okay, I have to post this because I’m psychic and another one of my visions just came true. For those of you who read my LJ, remember how I dreamt of SHINee and Lee Yeon Hee filming an MV together? And you all probably thought “How Random” well there was a reason for me having that dream and THIS IS IT. It’s not an MV but it involves LYH and SHINee and that’s pretty awesome :D/

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

When SHINee were on Chin Chin Radio, LYH called up (maybe?) and left them a message which was really sweet. I absolutely LOVE LYH so anything she does, I find sweet ^^

But anyway to prove my point of me being psychic, this clip was only uploaded yesterday and I had my dream sometime LAST week…so how WOW is that?

Yeah, sorry, this is totally spam – I just wanted to boast about my secret power which is not so secret anymore ;)

Um, actually I do have something news-worthy. Apparently SHINee’s album will be released on the 22nd? WOAH CRAP, THATS TMR ISN’T IT??? OMG IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!

Also if anyone cares, I posted someone cross dressing yesterday and I’ll reveal the answer here and now – it was Jonghyun XDDD !!!

p.s I’ll get round to watching SHINee’s reality Show eps 3 & 4 probably some time this weekend ^^ Look forward to them…or not :P


  1. LYH and SHINee is PURE WIN ♥_♥

  2. LOL EPIC EYE FAIL. (I didn’t see the thing about the Album being released XD) 1 more hour till Aug 22nd on Korean time *o*

  3. shinee’s comeback coincides with f.t. island, younha, and shin hyesung’s!!!
    competition is going to be tough.
    but yay more reason to watch music shows!!

  4. sayuu
    hmm, its not actually the album being released. it was just the single .____.

    ooh yeah so much competition :S It’ll be on the 24th – also Yesung’s bday :D/

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