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080802 Star Golden Bell Ep 196 feat Suju

Credits to boosaysharingiscarin @ youtube

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

The Suju boys (Teuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Yesung) are hilarious as always and I seriously find SGB more enjoyable when they’re on it XDD They bring the right amount of crack and craziness to the show haha. Anyways, my “quick” review of it turned out to be a tad too long haha, so I’m going to chuck it under the cut ^^


Eunhyuk kept dissing out Leaders hair, with good reason too cuz he had that weird hairdo with a hairclip at the front haha. So Leeteuk justifies by saying that its cuz his “starting to lose” himself so he wants to go back to the old days, which apparently meant he wants to be a girl? LOL IDEK. Then they talk about their first impression of eachother, which was really “lets all bully Hyuk”! Teuk goes first and says that Junsu use to always say that Hyuk was like HOT’s Jang Woo Hyuk in terms of looks, rapping and dancing (he does sometimes remind me of JWH), which is a huge compliment (HYUKSU FTW <3). Haha Hyuk looked so proud of himself, until Teuk goes “when i finally met him, i didnt see any of that” ROFL! Then Yesung rubs salt into the wound by saying that he was told that the boys were all handsome and skilled, but Eunhyuk was the only one that gave him a confidence boost XDDDD hahahhahah. The poor bb was just speechless. But omg the next part was absolutely hilarious. Leader talks about Eunhyuk’s encounter with Kwon Sang Woo (one of my fav. korean actors!) and I was laughing so much I couldnt breathe! Apparently, Hyuk likes to brag about getting to “eat with KSW” but its really him eating KSW’s leftover food ROFLMAO! 8DD What are dorkface!

Part 2

Sungmin shows off some of his martial arts skills, which is absolutely amazing btw. Sungmin comes in with this cool flip kick thing, whilst the others come in rolling and stumbling and are just total fails haha. Then he does all these nifty tricks with that stick of his and end up hurting himself XD haha. I’m so mean but seriously his face was too cute <3. Then they talk about Crown J’s “thug” appearance and he was asked to demonstrate his walk with Teuk on the other end (at 7.26) and LOL @ Teuk’s english. I think Heechul’s english has rubbed off on him. Then some Jun guy did the walk and who is he?!?! Cuz he scares me =S Like really really scares me. And wtf was Teuk doing at 8.13?!? HAHAHAHAHA

Part 3

Here, they talk about Crown J’s OCD and its so weird. Since I watch We Got Married, I kind of knew Crown J was a clean freak especially with his shoes lol. But I never thought it would be this bad. Apparently, if he was going out and accidentally spilled drink on his shirt, he’d go immediately back home to change, no matter where he was =S Then they talk about how CJ talks to his gold jewelleries XD and CJ says that he says good morning to them when they’re in a “good mood”. So they ask him how the jewellery replies and he goes “THEY BLING” HAHAHAHA What a loser!

Part 4

They begin to play the game where the female MC has to guess whose glove is actually glued onto the long bar (haha I fail at describing games XD). EunTeuk, CJ and 2 other guys are in the game and they’re asked to do all these random moves like dancing and lifting their arms and getting tickled to see who would let go of the bar. Omg Sungmin and Yesung are sooooo evil. They played rock, paper, scissors and whoever loses gets to slap Hyukjae on the wrist and Hyuk actually looked like he was in heaps of pain =((( The poor thing.

Part 5

They continue the Hyuk abuse, but then he couldnt stand it anymore so he let go of the bar and shouted at them. LOL. His facial expression was funny though, he actually looked pretty annoyed hahaha…So they continue with the game and reveal who the person with the glued gloves are, which was Leader. They then played the pronounciation game thing. Haha Leeteuk’s voice sounded really really high, Hyuk and Yehsex both failed miserably but produced a row of hilarious facial expressions on the way and Sungmin sounded soooooo cute that I wanted to pinch his cheeks XD Best parts were Hyuks random “TAAAAAA” with the whole hand movement at 7.26 and Yesung’s aggresive face at 7.46 HAHAHA

Ok, I’m going to stop here cuz the rest is just the other lines playing that game and the guessing game at the end which is pretty straighforward. Plus, I’m lazy hahaha. If you want to just watch it for Suju then I suggest just watching Part 1 (cuz its hilarious) and Part 5 (cuz they’re dorkfaces XDD)!


  1. I have to agree. The episodes with SJ are usually some of the funniest, even though I tune in every week. 8D Yesung was really trying hard this episode~ He was funnier that usual.

    You should watch 1night 2 days if you want a crackfest. God that show had me crying with laughter.

  2. Oh wait. I forgot to mention something.

    I really LOL’d at the part where Eeteuk was talking about how he rolled down the window in front of a high school and two girls started gagging and told him they hated him. xDD

  3. tealeaves
    Wow, you watch it every week? I only watch it when the guests are someone I like or find funny. Otherwise, I think SGB gets kinda boring after awhile haha..

    Yea, I really want to watch 1N2D, cuz I love MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi. Especially MC Mong, his soooo awesome <333 But I really dont have time at the moment ^_^

  4. this was my fave show too, even after my kbs world channel died and i have to rely on generous sub in youtube
    i have to admit suju’s apparence is gold! any other show without them (esp yesung, he is the master!!) is practically bland

  5. ultranguik
    Yeah you gotta love how Yesung gets camera time in SGB! He tries and it pays off XDDD Lol actually, SGB isnt my favourite show. I missed the old stuff like Xman and the old YSMM. These ones are kinda bland to me haha. But of course Suju makes everything hilarious <33

  6. i LOVE this episode!!!
    soo funny

  7. can you upload it again on YT again or Daylimot***??? The link had been removed

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