Posted by: lovediaries | August 22, 2008

080821 M!Countdown Ranking

Um, isn’t their album supposed to be out like today? And the day after they filmed this video? So shouldn’t they have said something? Or is the 22nd actually September 22nd??? DD:

ANYWAYS. Watch the clip here. I never really know what they’re on about but it’s fun to see them going crazy over counting down music XD I thought this was especially cute because Taemin, Minho and Jonghyun are in Beijing (they weren’t really were they?) and Jonghyun said something stupid about taking someones shoes and so Taemin kicks him out and Jonghyun is out of the screen but he’s still holding the mic out for the other two XDDD. Funny boys.

Oh and I didn’t post this one last time but watch the one from the week before. I actually think it’s the funniest one they’ve done. They go outside to film it and Taemin gets all excited about riding the duck boats? Or whatever they’re called…I’ve forgotten :P Anyway to introduce a song, they say something related to it first and theres one about a break up and Taemin, Onew and…Jonghyun? I CANT RMBR do like a one line role play. I loved Onew’s “Go on, you won’t be able to find another guy like me anyway” XDD. Oh and Key’s “saranghae’s” was the BEST. Seriously, watch it just to see him go crazy with his ILUs. Its so adorable <33



  1. Minho-“Do you want to feel this softness?” I almost died laughing.XD Do they come up with some of this on their own or is it all writers? Key spazzing over SS501 was the best.

  2. ^Lol I have no idea. There’s still a sense of awkwardness so I think it’s probably scripted; yet, their personality still comes through? Key was like all over the table lmao XD

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