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Preorder Hyesung’s Vol 3. Side 1 Album


Credits to Shinhwabiz, Shinhwachangjo, Soompi

You can Preorder Hyesung’s Vol 3. Side 1 Album ~ Live and Let Live *Here* at Yesasia. The CD comes with a picture booklet and the official release date is the the 26th August. He’ll have his comeback performance on the 24th at SBS Inkigayo.

I cant wait!!! This boy’s been living in his own little world for so long and I’ve barely heard or seen of him, so yes, I’m missing him like crazy! But woot his back and woot Eric may release an album and woot maybe they can do special stages and promotions together and WOOT RICSUNG COUPLE FTW!!!! Lol yea, I’m going a bit spastic atm, dont mind me XDDD hahaha.

I read that the album will have 2 parts, where Side 1 will feature different genres like Bitrock, alternative, swing etc, whilst Side 2 (released in December) will be his trademark ballad. The tracklist for the Side 1 Album (which I’ve included under the cut with song descriptions) looks really impressive, plus he does a duet with Honey Lee *_*, which of course is making everyone curious. Heaps of the songs are composed by Vink, who also composed “Last Train Home” and “Voyage” in Shinhwa’s 9th album. I really liked the songs, so I’m looking forward to their other productions! <3

Chi trans: 孩子气@SCIC
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

Track List

1. Live and Let Live
Composed by Vink / Arranged by Jung Gu Hyun
Live and Let Live, also the title of the album, will show Shin Hyesung making a foray into unchartered territory as he challenges himself with a different image and different musical genres. This intro will naturally lead into the next song Awaken and showcase the different themes on the album.

2. Awaken
Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog

Written by singer-songwriter Im Hyung Bin (Vink) of rock band N.E.X.T and formerly of Wittgenstein, this song will best be able to define the new style of Shin Hyesung on his 3rd album.

This track – a mix of alt-rock and emo-rock – shows a side of Shin Hyesung that no one has seen before, with his strong and powerful, yet dreamy voice. The track also features N.E.X.T members Kim Se Hwan and Lee Soo Yong on guitar and drums. With a strong show of his powerful vocals….this is a song where you can completely experience a different kind of charisma from Shin Hyesung.

★3. Because of You (title track)
Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Yoon Sara

The title track of the album, it was written by Vink – who also wrote the magnificent and mysterious Island for Shin Hyesung’s 2nd album, and also the electronica-infused Voyage on Shinhwa’s 9th album. This song has a dreamy accompaniment, combined with Shin Hyesung’s sorrowful delivery, Yoon Sara’s beautiful lyrics and a catchy melody.

The style of the song leans towards Britrock, with a tinge of pop in its melody coupled with a strong guitar riff, and looks set to become one of the classics.

4. A Good Day to Love(Duet with Honey Lee)
Composed & Arranged by Ha Jung Ho / Lyrics by Ha Jung Ho

This retro-funk duet is written by Ha Jung Ho, who also penned FTTS Brian’s Don’t Go and Lee Ji Hoon’s Sorry My Heart. Amidst the retro-funk beats of the song, a string arrangement is apparent in the middle of the song. Shin Hyesung and Miss Korea Honey Lee sing out the beautiful melody and lyrics of the song about a couple deeply in love.

5. Urban Fever(Feat. Showgun)
Composed & Arranged by SoulShop / Lyrics by Wheesung

SoulShop – comprising Lee Chae Gyu and Lee Jong Hoon -who have also written Jewelry’s Everybody Shh and songs for Lyn, Wheesung, Wanted and Baek Ji Young, are the masterminds behind this track. The track is a combination of retro-funk beats and electronica, featuring the charismatic vocals of Shin Hyesung. Singer Wheesung penned the lyrics for the song.

Rapper Showgun (Park Jang Geum), who has previously featured on MC Mong’s album, also lends his rapping skills to the song, adding to the cheerful atmosphere of the track.

6. Waltz
Composed & Arranged by Vink

A skit with a strong rhythm, this track leads into the next song with its cute waltz beat and melody.

7. Love Actually(Feat. Vink)
Composed & Arranged by Vink / Lyrics by Frog

With its unique rhythm, the song is about a love at first sight experience, relaying the message of love and emotions with its lyrics and melody. The cute lyrics and rhythm will make it even more memorable.

Composer Vink also raps for the first time on this track, and with a catchy melody, the song is dedicated to all who dream of love.

8. Peter Pan’s Serenade
Composed & Arranged by Song Kwang Shik / Lyrics by Song Kwang Shik

New age pianist Song Kwang Shik, who has not only released his own piano instrumental album, but also on Kangta’s solo album, drama soundtracks and musicals, has written a jazz-infused track for Shin Hyesung’s 3rd album.

The big band arrangement with brass and strings, together with Shin Hyesung’s sweet voice, will leave a deep impression on listeners.

9. Promise(Duet. Yurisangja’s Park Seung Hwa)
Composed by Park Seung Hwa / Arranged by Jung Hoon / Lyrics by Jung Hoon

Written by Park Seung Hwa of Yurisangja, the mid-tempo track features an acoustic sound. Park Seung Hwa also features on the track together with Shin Hyesung, presenting a seamless harmonious chemistry. Their voices blend perfectly, and the song gives the listeners a different kind of duet featuring 2 male voices.

10. Sequelae
Composed & Arranged Kim Jae Suk(Wanted) / Lyrics by Choi Shin Won

Written by Wanted member Kim Jae Suk, who also wrote the beautifully sad ballad Just One More Time for Shinhwa’s 9th album, this is the only R&B track on the album. Coupled with Choi Shin Won’s beautiful and melancholic lyrics, and a magnificent backing orchestra, the song tells of a heartbreaking love story.

11. Awaken(Inst.)
Composed & Arranged by Vink

12. Because of You(Inst.)
Composed & Arranged by Vink


  1. could you imagine if they would promote RICSUNG COUPLE?! that would be freaking awesome considering how they are :D love/hate relationship = puuure comedy FTW! oh i hope they do!

  2. alphanumerx
    THEY SHOULD! Omg Shinhwa fans would go crazy if they promoted Ricsung! I, for 1, would be jumping with joy. I love how Eric is always begging for Hyesung’s love but Hyesung is always giving him the cold shoulder, its sooooo cute <33333

  3. For your information, Eric is going for military service for two years in this few months. The enlistment date are yet to be released. I read somewhere stated that Eric is going to military either on October or November this year with Kim Dong Wan.

  4. shsfan
    Haha I’m a major Eric stalker so of course I knew he was going to the army either in October or November this year. However, if I remember correctly, I did read a few news article saying that he will most likely release his first solo album before he goes off to the army.

    “Eric’s spokesperson said on 20th Aug, “The possibility of Eric releasing an album before his enlistment in October is very high, it is probably about 99%.””

    So yea, I’m hoping that he does release the album and if he has time before he heads off to the army, he can do some promo for the album, with Hyesung of course XDDD Hahaha a fan can dream right? Either way, I’ll be missing him and Dongwan like crazy <333

  5. RICSUNG FIGHTING!!! haha, eric just cant resist his beautiful hyesung! those two should release a whole project album together… i saw the clip of them performing It’s Over Now by 112 at a shinhwa fanmeeting and it was AWESOME!!

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