Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 22, 2008

SHINee’s “You’re Like Oxygen” mp3

ROFL. LOOK AT THEIR PANTS. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XDDD They’re really taking the word “shiny” literally, huh.

Taemin looks SO FREAKING YOUNG in that picture, like REAAAALLY young, like, young enough for me to not want to be a pedo noona XDDD. But Key looks SO CUTE; LOOK AT HIS SMIIIIIIILE :DDDD

Though the green kinda hurts my eyes….

Anyway, SHINee’s comeback stage will be on the 24th on SBS, and I *think* they’ll be performing “You’re Like Oxygen”.

The name still makes me laugh, cos it’s sooooooooo corny and reminds me of Twilight XDDD But I’m looking forward to their dance to this song ^__^v

Download the song here

And please don’t direct link the download link, otherwise we’ll ALL hunt you down and make you wear those tinfoil pants xDDD

Ooo, and here’s a hot!Shinee picture (from their album, I think) click to enlarge

Minho has shiny pants on ^^


  1. Shinee World?…Spice World? Nvm I liked the Spice Girls.^^ Excuse my random. I hope they don’t have to wear those shiny pants in perfs. (or in public.) Can’t wait for the comeback and the MV! I hope they use the chairs b/c for some reason, whenever people dance in or with chairs I think it looks tooo cool.

  2. shinee is cute and i like key…^_^

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