Posted by: lovediaries | August 23, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep3

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Continuing from last week with the Noona from America, it’s now English time with Key. I knew it :D. Key is pretty good at english considering he grew up in Korea. His description for a sausage was “brown, looks like a banana and every student likes it”. And can you believe it? The Noona spelt it WRONG. WTH. I could spell that word when I was 5 and she’s like OLDER than SHINee. Omg.

Then they go to an amusement park! Fun. They go to take sticker photos but they don’t have enough and Key pulls out more coins from under his wrist. Almighty Key FTW !! :D/ JONGKEY! JONGKEY! OMG I SPOTTED SOME JONGKEY!!!! Omg this show is freaking depressing. She gets to go home and stare at her sticker photos with SHINee forever and ever. 7.7

When its time to pick the member, they all look hilarious as ever. Just because they’re all so serious. Like the Noona looks depressed and all the members are like silently praying XDD. WHO CARES IF YOU DONT GET PICKED! Candychu Noona will be here *holds out arms* ;) In the end she picks Jonghyun and I’m like close to tears (in a good way, surprisingly) coz he looked so happy !!!! JONGHYUN <333 The others looked so cut AHAHAHA And it said “LOSER” LOL. Omg. Gosh guys no need to be so upset.

THEN THEY RIDE THE ROLLERCOASTER. I would never ever ride a rollercoaster alone. But it’s okay coz they’re right at the back XD Poor Key looked really scared.

Anyway Jonghyun and the Noona go on the date. I have a feeling Jonghyun really hates being called cute/girly. Everytime someone says that to him he goes all serious and says “I’m not a girl.” Like in the previous episode he was like “I didn’t want to be called cute”. XD ARGH, they shared ice creams </3 And Jonghyun called her an idiot ;____;

HAHAHA OMG the others are on some water ride and they SCREAM LIKE GIRLS. Oh they’re so funny. I think they cut from here to there on purpose to save fans like me from killing themselves XD.

Back to Jonghyun + Noona. They ride a camel and see this cub called Snow White. It is soooo cute!! But yeah, they hold hands too much 7.7 Then they visit the other 4 who are watching this show. The other members are so jealous. DORKS.

Jonghyun then has to go and tells the Noona to wait for him </3. AND OMG HE LOOKS SO NICE. It’s just like a scene from a movie. She’s there, waiting under shelter, music is softly playing… and then he runs in *__* Jonghyun is wearing a button up shirt and looks so manly *drool*. He gives her traditional chopsticks and spoon and wishes her health and sings for her one last time. His voice is so beautiful, seriously.

OOH in the next ep they go Bungee Jumping!!! Omg Key looks so scared. Awwww he’s so cute.

I’m tempted to watch it now……nah, I should do some work. And is it just me or were the pink subs really hard to read? I clicked to watch it in HQ but I could not read a single one of the words in pink so I half guessed what the noona said :(



  1. Yay Shinee! Key’s engLish is really good. I know Onew’s pronunciation is like perfect, but his grammar? Who knows, they do hang around Suju…

    Anyway, I got shocked back into ajumma mode when the noona picked Jonghyun. I’m just so proud of that boy, you know? He did a million trillion times better than the first time.(Can’t say the same for Onew ;D) On a random note, I don’t understand why Jonghyun hates being called cute/pretty. I’ve never seen Taemin in a midriff and miniskirt.-.-; The date looked so sweet I wish I was there (to chaperone.)

    P.S.-Episode 4 is da best!

  2. ^Lol yeah Onew’s pronounciation is really clear but I’m yet to hear him just talk in english as opposed to singing in a song XD

    Omg yeah I have to admit, their date was really really cute. Like the whole time I was like “Aww Jonghyun <33” like he was so freaking sweet and took such great care of her :( My heart clenched several times lol but it was fun to watch. I liked this noona better than the first one xP

    EVERYONE IS SAYING THAT. Lol I was talking to another friend who kept telling me little details and I’m like “DONT RUIN IT FOR ME D:” Except I don’t have the time to watch it now :(

  3. ah, i agree! i kinda had heart clenches because Jonghyun was acting like such a good boyfriend and holding the noona’s hand like the entire time! i think all the other members really liked this noona which is why they were really upset that the didnt get picked.

    but Key has got to be the funniest! he was so scared of the roller coaster ride! XD i just wanted to go and sit by him and make him feel better. lol. whereas Onew, Minho, and Taemin seemed to be having the time of their life. the water ride was the best. haha. i spoted OnKey! Appa and Umma. haha

    when you have time, definitely watch episode 4! you wont have any pain in your heart at least i didnt after watching the last few episodes where my heart was like ready to explode for noonas getting to close to SHINee. XD

  4. ^It was a complete 360 from the first episode! I’m so proud of Jonghyun. I knew it had to be in him somewhere. After all the others were making a big deal out of him being charismatic and what not XD

    LOL OMG I KNOW. I laughed SO HARD at Key omg he’s so hilarious XD. Yeah the others had their arms up and smiling while Key was hiding his face AHAHAHA. And the water ride was the best XD

    Yeah I’ll be sure to watch ep4 as soon as I can. I’m glad my heart won’t suffer :D SPAZZ WITH ME THEN, K? ^^

  5. it miust’ve been pretty embarassing for the girl who studied in us and cant spell, haha, im impressed with key too
    i hate this show for being TOO scripted, like minho’s all dissapointed for not getting picked, because he doesnt seems like a very competitive guy
    anyway, i like this noona too compared to the 1st one, she didnt try to act cute and all
    the best part is…. jongkey hug at the photobox!
    i cant wait to see ep 4

  6. ^I know :S Especially coz it’s not like she’s young :S As in, no reason why she shouldn’t have been able to spell “sausage” XD

    Yeah, i don’t see Minho as competitive either BUT you never know; I mean, he is really clever, as shown in 1st ep ;)

    I agree, this one seemed to make the boys more comfortable and she laughed a lot so I could see why all of them liked her so much XD

    Ep 4 is up, actually! I just haven’t had time to watch it yet :S

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