Posted by: lovediaries | August 23, 2008

SHINee World Tracklist

::EDIT:: Ignore this tracklist. Go HERE!

{credit: SHINee thread @ soompi}

Okay this should be the real one.

01. 산소같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen) / You’re Like Oxygen (Love Like Oxygen)
02. 누난너무예뻐 (Replay)
03. Real
04. In my room
05. 마지막선물 (LAST GIFT) (In my room -PRELUDE-)
06. 사.계.한 (Love should go on)
07. 내곁에만있어 (BEST PLACE)
08. 스쳐간다 (GRAZE)
09. Romantic
10. The SHINee world (DOO-BOP)

Well I’m glad I didn’t have to buy their mini-album since all the tracks are included on this but um … THERE ARE ONLY 10 TRACKS!! Including one Prelude. So that means there are only 5 new tracks. WHY??? WHY??????? I wanted a 14 track album LOL coz then that would’ve equated to 10 new tracks! Omg this is just like another mini album XDD NOT GOOD ENOUGH D:

Oh what the heck why am I even complaining? I’m such an ungrateful fan. I hope this only means they’ll release another album 6 months later. PRETTY PLEASE. Gosh, SM is getting crap at satisfying my wants.

Okay let’s analyse this track list. “Last Gift” – I hope one of the boys play instruments for this lol. And I’m hoping “Best Place” and “Romantic” are slow ballads because “Graze” and “The SHINee World” certainly don’t sound like they’ll be love songs. Actually “Graze” could be, eh? Except it makes me think of cows XD Maybe it’s about a couple who have a relationship where they eat softly out of it. Not speaking in literal terms, of course =.=”.

ANYWAY. Most importantly, this album will be released to the world (unless it gets leaked XD) on the 28th of August. Another *8/08/08 lol. Asians XD.

I’ll be recapping ep3 of their Reality Show after breakfast lol (yeah I should get my priorities right xP) but I won’t have time to watch ep4 today ;___;


  1. i agree… i would rather they not include any of their mini album songs and make it completely fresh and new. and only having 5 new songs makes me sad. But i can understand why they did it. SHINee has only debuted 3 months ago, and to get an album out that soon as well as promoting takes a toll. And to include songs that SM knows people like.

    but i definitely agree – i want more songs out of SHINee rather than just 10. Makes me think of DBSK’s “O” album – it was pretty short in track number compared to “Rising Sun” and “Tri-Angle”. LOL.

    haha, you’re commentary of “Graze” made me laugh! its a dedication to Jonghyun’s “COW” joke :P perhaps SHINee has heard their fans talking about the Cow. haha.

    I seriously wonder about the release date. its not official and is subject to change cause no where has their album up for preorder and the 28th is basically next week. :( i want my SHINee now. LOL

    thank you for your post. ^_^ I like your commentary. :D

  2. lyphta
    Oh yeah. Lol I always forget SHINee have only just debuted. It’s coz theyre just so freaking amazing and I think they can handle anything. I should keep in mind they’re all still under 20 and go to school ;___; SORRY SHINEE!!!! Lol.

    But yeah you’re absolutely right. They should take things slowly so that we can have enough time to appreciate everything they do :D Smart :D

    OMG ROFL. I so did not think of that XD I bet Graze was written entirely for Jonghyun :PP

    Yeah I go on YA like everyday and there’s still no news about it :(

    Hehe thank you for reading + commenting. Comments make us very happy <33

  3. awesomeness. cant wait!

  4. ^Its out!!!!!!

  5. Its already out and i REALLY wanna buy it!!!!!! All the songs are AwEsOmE There!! LOve SHINee!!!

  6. wuaa,,,,shinee!!!!!!!!!!!

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