Posted by: beckery | August 24, 2008

080824 Hyesung’s Comeback at Inki

Credits to sogoodla @ youtube

Because Of You + Awaken Performance

Call me superficial but the first thing I noticed was HIS HAIR!! Its soo short and I guess it kinda gives of a punkish/rockish/emo vibe, but man I’m mourning his hair lol. Its not that he looks bad in the new hair, he actually looks pretty hot. Its just that I’m so use to his nice long hair which his had since…FOREVER!!! *sighs* And oh oh check out those arms in the Awaken performance ♥_♥ haha

Anyways, I love how they had a band performing and the whole stage concept was really cool. It gives off a nice atmosphere XDD Gosh I missed this guy’s voice and his live performances <3 Like always, his lives are pretty much perfect. I mean, it is Hyesung, I really didnt expect anything less!! When I first listened to the songs, I thought they were alright. Nothing extremely exceptional, but thats mainly cuz I’m so use to Hyesung’s trademark ballad. To me, his heavenly voice was made for ballads! However, after this performance, I’ve grown to like the two songs, especially Awaken. Its quite addictive haha. Seriously, give it a try peoples!!



  1. Sungie!!!
    one word: AMAZING!!

  2. I liked his long hair but he looks good with short hair too, I think. I actually love the whole album; I think Hyesung pulled off the different genres really well. Because of You and Awaken are within my favourite songs in the album, and the performance is just awesome. <3

  3. Kapan
    I second that. The perf was amazing considering it was his first time performing the songs on stage.

    The short hair is ok. I think it kinda makes his face look chubbier XD haha but I liked his long hair cuz it made him look really suave and handsome. I dont LOVE the album yet. I need a few more listens before I can get use Sungie singing these genres. But I’m sure I’ll learn to love it soon ^^

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