Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 24, 2008

Mnet 20s Choice Rant

So we’ve just watched some performances from this year’s Mnet 20’s Choice, and…they sucked. Really. So disappointed O_O

SHINee and Seo In Young – Replay + Umbrella

JunJin + Wonder Girls ~ Sexy Back + So Hot

PAS: Beckery made me watch SHINee’s special stage with Seo In Young, and omg, the performance was crap. I’m sorry, but I absolutely hated it. I think the boys did a GREAT job with Replay (their dance looked fantastic!) and Jonghyun standing with SIY under the rain looked SO HOT. But gosh, they should’ve stopped at Replay. Umbrella was TERRIBLE.

But it wasn’t SHINee’s fault, so SHINee fans, put down your bricks :P No, I hated the performance cos SIY killed the song. She SLAUGHTERED the song. Like, I think Rhianna would weep if she saw it. They should’ve let her lip sync it, it was that bad. I was cringing through the whole performance, that’s how much I didn’t like it.

But you might. Maybe.

I was also heaps disappointed with Junjin and Wondergirls’ special stage ;___; I think it’s cos I had high expectations (I blame the PD who said that everyone would be in “Awe” after watching the performance =.=). What was with the catwalk thing? It’s like each girl decided to strut up to Junjin and strip. What. And I didn’t like how Junjin was half singing to Sexyback. You either sing it properly, or you lipsynch it.

And omg, the camermen are perves. What was with all the close ups of the WG’s butts? Seriously? As soon as I saw the zoom in shot of the shiny miniskirt, I thought “omg, please don’t be Sohee, please don’t be Sohee”, but it was. What a PERVE. I wish WG did another Special Stage with BigBang…at least their special stages were more like a special stage (as in, they actually sang each other’s songs).

Beckery: Wow, Mnet totally FLUNKED this. Everything was so poorly planned and none of the performances were even that “special” T_T One word: Disappointed!!!! Before I go on, I want to make it clear that I have NOTHING against any of the performers, so I’m not trying to be hating. Its merely my opinion and the fact that I WANTED GOOD PERFORMANCES and got this =_=

Firstly, JunJin and WG’s Special Stage. The PDnim were boasting about how it would awe fans and how special it was blah blah blah…But I really didnt see any “awe” factors to it at all!! JJ came out singing/dancing to Justin Timberlakes Sexy Back. Grrr I’m so sick of Sexy Back, its not funny. They seriously have to stop it with the song. I get the whole “Justin Jinberlake” thing meant they were surely going to use a JT song, but Sexy Back IS OLD ok! Seriously, they should of performed “Promiscuous Girl” instead and what was with that cat walk part!! It had awkward awkward and awkward written all over it. And was it only me? Cuz I’m pretty sure I heard JT’s voice in the background LOL. Then the WG’s performed So Hot, with Jin rapping. That was alright, but again, nothing special  =__=

SHINee boys were definitely hot!! They started of with Replay and did a fantastic job with the dance, like always <33 However, the stage looked really awkward with SIY just sitting there in front of them staring at them HAHAHA. Then SIY randomly got shot and had blood everywhere. And this was the part where I went “OH NO” and knew I wouldnt like the rest of the performance haha. Umbrella isnt my favourite song to start off with, and then SIY came along and totally butchered it =SS Her first few lines made me cringe like crazy. No scrape that, the whole song made me cringe. She was off, really really off. Perhaps she was trying to sound like Rhianna? hahaha. Anyways, definitely not a performance I’ll watch again, despite how hot and sexy the boys looked <33


  1. I couldn’t make it through the Shinee/In Young special stage, it was just too awkward. SIY getting shot=what? She was in a different outfit later, so exactly what was the point? When she came *very* sexily down those stairs for Umbrella I thought to myself, I hope Shinee isn’t onstage for all of this, then lo and behold: big shot of Taemin. -.-; The awkwardness of it all made me cringe more than the singing actually.

    On a much lighter note, Shinee won the Hot New Star award. Onew and Jonghyun were so sweet during the acceptance speech.<3 Fighting!

  2. I think the first Seo In Young wasn’t really her at all, just a look-a-like, ’cause that girl had a weird looking nose. But I totally didn’t understand the need for the shoot scene. But I think SIY would have done a good job with Umbrella if it had been in the original key. I think they lowered it for the boys ’cause her normal singing voice is much higher anyway, so she sounded weird singing in a lower key.

  3. I was watching this, and I got so scared when she suddenly got shot =X
    And then …. The SHINee boys looked amused during Umbrella. And yes, she should’ve lip synced. -twitch-

  4. Laflor501:
    Did you find it painful/awkward? IT WAS SO WEIRD. OMG.

    I didn’t get the point of the entire performance. Especially the shooting bit, soooooo unnecessary, homg.

    I suck at telling people apart, so I didn’t notice XD

    I think she should’ve lip synched. Regardless of the key, she was still extremely out of tune (especially the first line, omg). She should’ve just performed her own stuff.

    Or maybe singing the song in Korean would be better. Idk, she just tried too hard to sound like Rhianna, and it didn’t work. alt al.

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