Posted by: lovediaries | August 24, 2008

080824 The SHINee World+Love Like Oxygen Perf


{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}


This is my first time watching them perform this (seriously, the fancam did not count T_T) so comments are all over the place (since I’m watching + writing) and incoherency is to be expected.

So they’ve now had mad ass dances for Replay, Real, Love Should Go On (possibly? Coz i still haven’t seen a perf XD), You’re like Oxygen/Love like Oxygen and The SHINee World too. Wow, I didn’t think they’d be performing another song off their album so soon. I mean, they took a while to do the Remix version of Replay :S

ANYWAY on to the important stuff!!

TAEMIN, LOOK AT TAEMIN. FREAKING HELL HE’S 15! OMG. How adorable is he? Omg *squeal*.

OH crap, Onew’s voice is so freaking sexy. Key’s too! It sounded so deep and manly *___*

The stage for You’re like Oxygen/Love like Oxygen (Idk which name to use XD) is really sexy. Seriously, it makes me LOL when you think about how SJH are older than them by…a lot…and they perform on stage with a bed and pillow while these guys are dancing on chairs :D

Key teases the fans at 1.37-1.39 … just the way he sings his lines … mmmm. I like how Minho and Taemin are up the front together a lot with their lines. The two little babies ^____^

OMG they did a costume change! They must’ve performed this song twice. Hyori did this before with U Go Girl and DBSK also did with Rising Sun (they changed and got masks out, remember?). Wow, the bend and snap move is really awesome LOL. Anyway, they cut from their whitexblack to whitexgrey a gazillion times in this and it just shows how precise SHINee are because they’re in the same position all the time in both performances. Watch and you’ll get what I mean xP.

Oooh I knew it was Taemin who sang those lines ^^ He sounded kinda nervous, actually; maybe coz it’s his first time (not counting SMTown Concert) singing solo lines live? IDK, it was cute.

And you can hear Minho’s rap really clearly. He sounded really good. I loved him in the CD Version and he sounds just as great live. His voice *____*

Also, I should mention here that Jonghyun is suuuuuuuuuuch a good singer. We all knew that, but still; he just sounds exactly as he did on the track! He’s a very consistent singer *thumbs up* :D/

Omg you guys hurry and watch coz it was AMAZING. Both performances were so full of energy and they both were LIVE too well duh, I kinda said that already XD!!! I’m just really hyper lol. WEEEEEEE~!

SHINee are super awesome ♥♥♥ :D:D:D

Okay, fun’s over … *goes back to eco textbooks*


  1. I can understand why they are called contemporary.
    thanks for posting.

  2. ^No problem! But where have you disappeared to???

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