Posted by: beckery | August 25, 2008

Big Bang – Haru Haru MV Part 2

Credits to IVIPmon5482 @ youtube

Haha everyone’s releasing MV’s today. Not that I’m complaining, of course XDD I actually didnt even know BB were releasing a Part 2 till today lol. Man the boys are on a roll with their MVs ~ 3 in one Mini album is heaps! Anyways, be back later to edit.

I think this MV is the continuation of the other one, in which Park Min Young died *tear*. Its actually umm nothing exciting haha. I was hoping for another good storyline or something interesting, but yea it just shows a little bit of PMY and Gd’s dating scenes (OMG I WANT COUPLE RINGS WITH GD TOO!!!) And then the rest of the MV is just them moping around, looking devastated and oh so very emo haha. Oh and TOP wants to start another fight with GD XD Best bit is the last part where they have behind the scenes/NGs. They looked like they were having heaps of fun <333

candychu: Just wanted to give my opinion too ^^v. Basically, less drama, more angst, more singing in dark places and more dodgy lighting. But yay for more screentime of the other 3. Daesung is so freaking cute with his non existent eyes ^____^


  1. They should’ve left it just with one part. Part 2 is kinda unnecessary…except I haven’t finished watching it lol so I may be wrong. But I just wanted to say … TOP has really short fingers AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Like really really short *laughs for another 5 minutes*

  2. Yea, I thought it was kinda like DBSK’s Doushite, which is kinda disappointing cuz I thought it would be some other leet storyline haha. Oh finish watching it for the NGs part. They were all smileys XDDD

    And you, my dear, are totally random =_= Btw I have short fingers too. Got a problem? Huh? Huh?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA ROFL. No it’s just that it’s TOP. A COOL person. And he has short fingers. ACCEPT THAT ITS FUNNY, OK?

    I have fat fingers so bite me :P

  4. I still don’t get what Taeyang’s crown is supposed to be??? ^^;;;

    anyway, after I watched the MV parody of this, this MV becomes more like a comedy than sad MV for me!! *bricked snape_freak* LOL

    and…. I never know that G-Dragon is so handsome XD

  5. Is it just me or does this have more bass in it? Anyhow, I’ve just reaffirmed my love for Daesung’s voice. It’s awesome.;) I didn’t notice TOP’s finger length b/c I thought I saw him give me *the* finger and it was distracting. lol

  6. candy

    Hahahaha I have no idea what his crown is for, but its sooo unnecessary =_= Awww poor you. I actually still find the first MV sad, but this one is just bleh. Waste of time. And OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW!?! GD is smex on legs XDD

    LOL im not sure. After I realised that the MV wasnt going to be a story, I kind of lost my concentration lol. Oooh Daesung has the best voice!! And his soooo adorable. I still have a soft spot for Seungri and GD though haha.

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