Posted by: lovediaries | August 25, 2008

Love Like Oxygen MV

OMG ITS FINALLY OUT. I have been stalking youtube for the past 2 hours and it is finally out.

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

Be back to spazz!!!

It was totally worth refreshing the page like 50 million times.

Omg Jonghyun’s suspenders are mad hot. They’re like collars…but suspenders!!! Onew’s shoe move is still totally weird but whatev. Key is so slick with his dancing. Close up of Taemin alskfjalsfsljasf. I really like the bending over/flicking of tails :D Minho ♥__♥ Those eyes my goodness.

HAHAHHAHA OMG am I observant or what? At 1.34 Minho’s “vest” came off and it’s just hanging off one arm XD

I really like the part where Key and Onew are on the chairs and the other 3 come dancing through. More close ups!!! And Jonghyun in the space suit lol. Mmm, his collarbones *grabby hands* xDD.

After watching this, I think I have a new fetish lol. Boys on chairs = hot hot hot. First it was in the Smoking Campaign and now here. Key is just really sexy when he’s on a chair. He sure knows how to work those inanimate objects ;)

Also, I’ll take this opportunity to show you guys this. SHINee forums had this posted up

For reasons of their own, SM entertainment has officially recently released SHINee’s latest title track as of August 22nd on melon, doshirak, and soribada, under the track name, “산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)”.

This may prove to be confusing for some, but as a forum, and as SHINee’s fanbase, we wish to see this entire track name be posted as a whole because it’s correct, and we want to clear up any misunderstandings associated with it. The translation of 산소 같은 너, is literally “You who are like Oxygen”, but we’ve shortened it as “You’re Like Oxygen”, since it’s catchy and retains the original literal meaning. But the offical full title name, korean AND english title name included, should be: “You’re Like Oxygen” (Love Like Oxygen).

However, please do not mistake (Love Like Oxygen) to be the translation for the “산소 같은 너”, just because it’s in the parenthesis. It’s just an english title name attached by SM, just like “Replay” is for “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”. “You’re Like Oxygen” is the correct literal translation from the original korean title, “산소 같은 너” .

Also, the most commonly used title “You’re my oxygen” is, literally incorrect, though it carries relatively the same inference, it is not the correct translation, there is no “my” in the original korean title. So do not use this title name anymore please, it just causes more confusion. smile.gif

We would appreciate it if you’d spread this bit of news around and let everyone know.

I just thought I’d share this info with others who, like me, are confused about the song title. But it all makes sense now :)

Anyways, I’m totally late for my orthodontist appointment, omg, so um yeah, gotta rush now!!!!!

p.s SHINee forums just asked for people not to use “You’re my Oxygen” on their forum but we’re not saying that. We’re just help spreading this. Um…yeah just…making sure lol. *flies out the door*


  1. omg ur ridiculously awesome. i was just on this page internally spazzing over the last SHINee video, and now there’s this! When school starts up in sept (here in Canada) I am going to be so screwed watching ur site endlessly lol

  2. jcgc
    aww thank you ♥ I’m glad you enjoy reading our site :) I know I’ve been posting SHINee news non-stop lol but there’s just so much happening with them atm.

    Haha you’d never think school is on for us eh, since we’re forever blogging + replying to comments XD Well…at least I’m always procrastinating :PP

    But next time don’t be selfish and spazz internally :P Haha only kidding. But lol spazz more with us! I need people to go crazy with :D/

  3. uuh. *o* . That’s all I can say, ♥_♥ thank you.

  4. DAMN theyre all so damn hot in there! ESPECIALLY MY MINHO OMGGG <33!!!! I LOVE HOW HE SMIRKS! i love guys that smirk…WAHHH and onew OMG HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND TAEMIN AHHHHH!!! better not saying anything about key *cough* dont u reckon jonghyun looked so sexy when he tilted his head up at the end?

    DANG cant wait for album…omg does that mean theyre going to have a repckaged album =.= as expected

  5. XD!!!
    Like 5 hours ago (11pm btw Heh.)
    I was like..”when is that MV going to come out?”
    That teaser thing, really sparked my interest.

    The song is soooo catchy!
    First time i heard it..”Eh..”
    The video makes it so..good.
    Dance movies amazing.

    That dance move..the one they showed in the teaser..
    where they *ehem* bend over, and push their jacket tail thingys up.
    Its a killer for sure.
    That one move makes my stomach jump.
    I watched the teaser 345308509435 times just to replay that part.
    Weird? T_T

    You know what i was staring at the most???
    Onew’s shoes!
    I want them.
    Argh..someone figure out where i can get them!

    Love this. ♥

  6. Ahhh, <333 You just made my day 50x better. I have been up all night (5am now) thinking about roommate issues and I was so pissed but OMG. That was the biggest, & bestest, distraction.

    When Minho winked at ME, yes it was just for me I don’t think everyone will get that but we had an understanding, I had to pause and recollect for about 5 minutes!

    I love their choreography. Sometimes I feel like artists just add random moves for a song, but theirs always fits. No? LMAO I can just listen to the song and see it I mean. The flicking of tails is forever engraved in my head. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I secretly wish Taemin did not dance so well though because I am the getting to be such a pedo. 1:59 when he did the chest popping, let’s just say my heart was popping a little. :OO But ya chairs should be regularly included. Even just because you can focus better. Not like five guys updoing the same thing but with levels so my eyes can feast. FIESTA!!!!!

    I think they all looked a little funny-ish in their solo area though. The stylists had a little laugh for sure. I think they are taking the Shinee name a little too literally.

    BTW, I have a theory on why Minho’s vest fell off. He was too sexy and the staff attacked him. Really… it is plausible. I cannot envision me containing myself if I was present in that room where the MV occurred.

  7. sayuu
    no problem. *O* indeed !

    lol you shouldn’t be talking about any of the members as if they’re yours *rolls eyes* AND HELL YES. I’ve watched the MV 5 times now XD and omg the last few seconds was pure bliss *___*

    I want those suspenders!!!! LOL Not that I’d ever wear them but I’d like to clip them on and use them as slingshots lmao XDD Yes, I absolutely LOVE the choreography in this. It’s just really refreshing <33

    Hehe, Key’s lines make my heart jump ^__^

    And er doesn’t that mean its 4am? GO TO SLEEP!!!

    Taemin looks really really good. It’s not good for my health lol. And watching this MV over and over again rly isnt helping XD

    Haha when you said random moves I immediately thought of Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” *bricked*. But yeah I understand what you mean. Like, everytime I listen to Replay, I can picture the exact choreography and even dance to it in my seat…especially teh “ah ah ahhh” part. And now I’m sure with a few more performances, the same will happen here.

    ROFL I agree! Especially Onew and Jonghyun’s part…kinda awkward.

    LMAO @ your Minho theory. Ohh so that’s kinda like why Key’s hair is messy all the time? Coz he’s just been with me *lets your imagination run wild*

    Wow I’m glad I helped you feel so much better :D What’s up with your housemates? You haven’t posted on talk.share for so long…i think xP Anyway, I hope all your problems get sorted out soon <333

  8. The MV makes this song a million times better! Taemin!close-upsohno! The dance looks even better from the front too. Good stuff!

    AND CHAIRS! Let me quote myself from a few days ago:
    “Can’t wait for the comeback and the MV! I hope they use the chairs b/c for some reason, whenever people dance in or with chairs I think it looks tooo cool.”

    Tooo cool indeed.^_^

  9. “Like, everytime I listen to Replay, I can picture the exact choreography and even dance to it in my seat…especially teh “ah ah ahhh” part.”

    OMG YOU ROCK. i do the same too! which means these guys are awesome cos it doesn’t happen often! the only 2 songs that have such effect on me and which i can recall straight off the top of my head are DBSK’s Rising Sun and SHINee’s Replay. i think SM’s choreo went all out for them. i’ve only watched the MV and performance once but shots of Onew wiping (or doing whatever) to his shoes, TaeMin chest-popping and the jacket tail-flipping are already stuck in my head :D


    I MISSED LAEC SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. How are you?? What did I miss? My internet here fails.

    Blah. Moving into the dorms killed my time. sighleajbkanblaiflkasdjf Damn it.

    OMg, I so love those chairs. I was like -drool-. You’re right. Key can SO work a chair. Grawr why can’t the 16-year-old boys in MY school be that sexy????? Being a teenage girl sucks. Hardcore. Especially when the asian boys in your school ARE NOT HOT.

    But, I love the choreography in this, and….kekekekekekekekekekekekeke hot asian boys in chairs YESSSSS.

    Sorry I’m so spazzy. I just missed wasting my life by stalking hot boys. (Who, in Key’s case, are ACTUALLY MY AGE. Well. A year older. Same thing. =DDDDDD)

  11. Ahh, this song is so addicting @____@
    I was like “Mmm, Jonghyun skin -drool”
    And my sister was like how Taemin looks really hot here… he does. D: Not a little 15-year-old boy anymore!~ [Even though I’m like, two years younger than him xD]

  12. Ohgod. I just came back from HK and my body is half-dead from exhaustion and I saw THIS mv and well…. I think I’m a frigin’ corpse now. 0.0

    Geez Taemin why so hot??? WHY??? I swear if that boy keeps this up, CRIMES WILL BE COMMITTED! I wonder how comfy the prison cells are in Korea….

    I still don’t like the song though. The whole Michael Jackson-feel is killing my ears. Imma just watch the mv again on mute.

  13. laflor501
    haha, I liked the song even before the MV – the choreography was enough, I reckon XD But yeah, the MV is so awesome, I love it <33 Yeah the dance looks better when they don’t switch outfits a gazillion times :P

    YAY *hi5* :DD OMG Don’t even speak to me about knowing DBSK’s RS choreography. I went to karaoke and decided to dance along and you know the jumping up part? I hit my head on the ceiling of the room coz I was dancing up on a seat T_T

    OMG HOW R U? Haven’t heard from you for soooo long. Aww we missed you too! And you missed a heck lot. Ooh another moving dorm girl lol. Hope you get settled in sooner and can come back. You need to fangirl more, OK? And OMG Damn you, Key’s older than you T_T

    Alex Ryom
    Omg another young one T__T *is very jealous*

    I must be a biased fan coz I liked the song as soon as I heard it (in HQ, that is). LOL, even if the cells are comfortable, I’m sure they’d be packed in no time :PP

  14. OMG LMAO Key’s messy hair! Cannot you just bring a comb and fix up the boy when you are done?!!?!? :DDD

    Roommates are just useless. Now they are coming up a week later because the internet is not going to be up until September 5th (I leave today in exactly 2 hours!!!!). So I am alone! T-T It was just one of my friends that refused to do anything on time which got me mad. Internet not being up = HER! I am okay now though. I downloaded like 50 movies for the week and got a friend to stay with me who is up. I hope I do not miss anything big though. OMG what if DBSK album goes on pre-order and I miss it. Even if I just miss first press I am going to have to throw my laptop out the window.

  15. ringy
    ROFL “when I’m done” you say it like he’s a meal I’ve finished eating or something XDD…though he probably is AHAHAHAHA.

    Oh poor you *sits with you* THere, you are not lonely anymore :) Omg please don’t stress me out about DBSK’s first press edition because my exams are on during that time T___T I hope they push back release date to November XD

  16. I started classes on Monday and shfisalshbilajslgkasjdf IT’S AMAZING. I’m in this program where you do the last two years of high school and the first two years of college simultaneously, so…xD I only have like four hours of classes a day. It’s AMAZING. Everytime I talk to my friends back in my old high school, it’s kind of “KEKEKKEKEKKEKEKEE.”

    But…I should be more or less back? I don’t know, if school starts picking up, maybe not, but I should be. >.> Yeah, this last month has been hectic, what with moving houses and then moving into the dorms and nerd camp. T_T

  17. ^Rly? Lol I don’t know if I like the sound of studying HS+college simultaneously but I’m glad you’re having fun <33

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