Posted by: lovediaries | August 25, 2008

Preorder SHINee World Volume 1+2

Omg, you guys, I AM CRYING from happiness because the tracklist I posted before was half fake.

| Volume 1 | Volume 2 | (How weird is it that Volume 1 is version B and Volume 2 is version A :S)


01. The SHINee World (doo-bop)
02. 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)
03. 산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)
04. 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)
05. 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me)
06. 화장을 하고 (Graze)
07. 마지막 선물 (Last Gift) (In my room-Prelude)
08. 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
09. 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)
10. 눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)
11. In My Room (Unplugged Remix)
12. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

I read before that Y Si Fuera Ella is Jonghyun’s solo OMGAHH!!!!

But weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 12 tracks you guys!!! 10 new ones excluding the In my room prelude and including In my room unplugged remix. Omg this is so exciting. “Graze” is still up on the list lol! Baby, I need cow.

Actually, now that the tracks off their mini-album aren’t on here, I’m tempted to go buy it XD But their FULL album is only US$1 more expensive than their mini-album. How weird is that :S

It comes out August 31 but what’s the bet YA will, for some unknown reason, push the date back? I probably won’t preorder this just yet because, uh, where’s the MV? So we all know a Volume 3 and possibly Volume 4 will be out. Just you wait ;)

Will edit this post if we find translations for the info!

{source: shinee-ing; credits: SHINee Forums; translation credits: sanbi}

Including SHINee’s 1st album title song ‘Love like Oxygen’ the album has 12 songs with different genres such as R&B, Urban, POP etc…

Their title song ‘Love like Oxygen’ is a remake of Martin’s hit song ‘Show the world.’ They did their 1st live performance on the 24th at SBS Inkigayo and the song is getting hot reactions.

Popular song writer, Yoo Youngjin, Kim Younghoo, Kenzie, Wheesung etc…participated in SHINee’s 1st album and so SHINee has the support of many top producers and writers.

Besides ‘Love like Oxygen’, Yoo Youngjin’s song ‘The SHINee World’ with a powerful beat and melody, Jonghyun’s 1st solo song ‘Y Si Fuera Ella’ with his rich voice and expressions, a R&B Urban style song ‘One for Me’ which Wheesung wrote, and Love’s Way with a addictive melody and sensual beats is also included.

There will be 2 versions of this album and we will be able to see various sides of SHINee. SHINee will perform on ‘M! Countdown’ and KBS 2TV Music Bank on the 28th and 29th respectively with ‘Love like Oxygen.’

There you go :)


  1. OMG! “Y Si Fuera Ella” does that mean Jonghyun will be singing in spanish? anywayz can’t wait for it to come out, why do you think it’ll be pushed back?

  2. nataly
    ooh are you spanish? ^^ but the title is also in korean lol. Well I’m sure he’ll sound great no matter what the language, eh?
    Oh just because yesasia always pushes back the release date. Especially with SHINee’s I’m sure it’ll be out of stock (real soon?) and so theyll run out of stock and release at a later date XD

  3. =O
    oh my gosh i am so getting this!
    but whats the difference between the albums? just the covers? o_o
    I’ll wait for a repackaged/dvd version to come out xD
    but i can’t wait to hear the songs!!!

  4. I was trying so hard not to be disappointed with the fake tracklist, so this is just great! And they only debuted a few months ago.
    Shinee World still needs to grow on me, but the other songs look exciting. Didn’t expect any solo songs on this actually. Y Si Fuera Ella (And If You/It Were Her) is definitely something to look forward to. Spanish?! Didn’t see that coming.;)

  5. about “Y Si Fuera Ella”, i doubt it’s in spanish since according to the information on yesasia “Korean Lyrics by Kenzie”. though it would be awesome if it actually was in spanish, regardless i’d say Jonghyun will do a good job of it.

  6. hey dont mind me, just testing k

  7. =) happy happy!

  8. can anyone explain to me the difference between version A and B.

  9. icecreamsoda93
    Yep, just the covers. Kinda pointless. One version should have the DVD…unless they plan on filming a 3rd MV?!?!?!

    Haha yeah me too so this made me SUPER HAPPY :D.

    a silent reader
    Yeah, it’s not Spanish XD

    did someone say something? :P

    *happy happy* too :D

    Lol there really is no difference. Just the cover and possibly the photos inside it? No idea, sorry :(

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