Posted by: lovediaries | August 25, 2008

SHINee Say “NO!” to Smoking

I love this campaign :D The song is so COOL. I want. Watch it *HERE*.

So this is what they were filming in their uniforms :D Remember this post?

I have a smoking story to share lol. This morning I was walking to my bus stop and there were these two people sitting down but when they saw me approaching they got up and moved to the end of the stop so I thought “Oh how kind, they’re letting me sit”. Turns out they were smoking T_T and they just had to stand where the smoke would all blow INTO my face but I had nowhere to go coz I was sitting and they were standing and it was just really annoying ;___;

Back to SHINee lol. Onew, Key and Minho start off with “Something smells. Key is it you?” And Key goes “No, I brushed my teeth this morning.” Then Onew asks “Minho..?” And Minho goes “I didn’t even open my mouth until now because I never talk”. LOL only kidding XDD There aren’t any subs :(

BUT ANYWAY. They look really hardcore rapping in their uniforms. Especially Key *___* who puts his foot down in the opening shot lol and of course Minho in his pink uniform XD. Taemin is an angry bellboy lol. You get to see them play the Horse game for like 2 seconds. Key was having the time of his life ROFL. He must be really light though because when he jumped on, Jonghyun and Onew didn’t even budge. Oh and I loved the Jongyu at the end. Sooo cute. AND MINHO’S JUMP! *molests tummy* Er, it is Minho, right? XP

Have a gif <3

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  1. Jonghyun looks so cute in that GIF~ x3

  2. ^HAha I know! So adorable ^^

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