Posted by: lovediaries | August 26, 2008

Yehsex BB ♥


We just wanted to remind everyone that 2 days ago, it was Yesung’s bday…yeah, ok, we’re late again =.=” BUT we tried being creative again as well! This time, we present you…LIMERICKS!!!

There once was a boy called Yehsex,
Who looked absolutely stunning in white specs.
When it came to his voice,
Fans gather and rejoice;
Rushing about with birthday projects!

Yesung is his name,
Making fans swoon is his game,
He looks like Junki’s double,
But is made for more trouble;
And yet he has no shame.

There is a hyung in Super Junior,
Who some say behave like those on lunar.
Said “phonebooks he would sing”,
’till the PD’s ears would ring;
And newbies bowed to their new senior!

We’re such natural poets, aren’t we? xP

Once, again, Happy belated Birthday, Yehsex BB. We hope you receive all the love in the world and continue doing what you do best – singing your heart out <333

24 pics under the cut!


  1. Hahaaa. the limericks are good ^_^

    mmm…Yehsex =DD

  2. He’s the bestest! I love him! :]] HAPPY B-DAY YESUNG OPPA!!! <3

  3. ahaha the poet is killing me XD
    u guys so funny

  4. icecreamsoda93
    Haha thank you ~!

    He is the best ;) We all love him ^____^ !!

    Hahaha thank you thank you *curtsies*

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