Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 27, 2008

And the results are out :D!

Okay, so a month ago, we started a Caption Contest, and we got heaps of entries (thanks, guys!) but we put off announcing the winners till now XDDD Anyway, a big thanks to ALL who sent us emails! You guys are awesome :D! But to save our readers’ bandwidths (and to make this post short-ish) we’ve picked our three favourite ones.




P.S: If one of those were done by you ^^^ and you’re sitting there wondering why you’re caption has suddenly been macro-ed onto a pic, it’s cos Changdice thought she’d put all the captions onto the pictures to make it easier to read ^____^v


  1. Ooh yay :D/ I won’t vote though, just to be fair xDD

  2. LOLLL i really like the 2nd one! all 3 are good, but the 2nd one is so hilarious!

  3. hahahahahaha..
    i agree.. the 2nd one..
    i’ll save you guys in a heart
    i lie..
    just wait till i’m done staring at you guys first…
    then wooo who.
    super sally to the rescue…

  4. hahaha!
    this just made my day!

  5. These are fantastic! I want to see all of the entries.

  6. ^I want to see the other entries too. Readers here are almost as cracked as the writers…
    Lol I voted #1 ^_~

  7. omg i almost crack up, i read this in office and got the stare from my boss, hahaha
    pleeease show the other work ^^
    number 2 is superhillarious! but number 3 almost cause me to lose my job XD
    okay gotta go

  8. Thank you so much for posting my work! And thanks to the people who voted for me. I didnt think it was that funny, but I’m glad some liked it. I also really liked the other 2!

  9. HenryLau:
    Love your name :P

    My personal favourite was the second one ^___^

    LOL, Super Sally XDD.

    (can i rescue them with you? X333)


    They were ALL really good; hmmm, maybe we’ll do another post with more of them?

    Thank you, thank you :P

    LOL, I’m sorry you got weird stares from your boss XDDD I remember once I was at uni, and I opened a post done by Candychu that had photoshoped pictures of Junsu in bikinis and stuff, and I got the WEIRDEST looks XDDD

    You’re welcome! Your entry was Beckery’s favourite :D

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