Posted by: lovediaries | August 27, 2008

Preview SHINee World + Love’s Way

Listen to the song here. No more one minute performance business – it should be the whole song!

It’s always hard for me to listen to a song with no lyrics/understanding of what they’re singing and it’s usually worse if I’m staring at a non moving picture BUT there’s always something about SHINee songs that draw me to them (I’m not biased, really, I’m not) xP. There’s just so much power in their songs, I love it <3

And you can listen to another track “Love’s Way” here. The audio isn’t superb but you can hear the general feel of the song and omg I love it <333 Can’t stop listening to it ^___^ I love Minho + Key’s rap and especially Jonghyun’s high note!!! I think when there are raps in slow/ballad-y songs like these, it creates a more sensual feeling?

Am I the only one who thinks that? XD

Anyway, IMPORTANT STUFF GUYS! I’m sacrificing studying time just to post this up so please help me/us out :)

Who wants to procrastinate? Who has 2-3 minutes to spare? Who loves reading LAEC? If you answered yes to any of those questions then here is the task for you! In case you haven’t noticed, pinkandsparkly has updated her special textbox!

Now, how hard would it be to click on a link and click a few more things? Not very, right? So as a beloved reader, why not do your bit and help us with a little survey? ^^ It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun (well I think so anyway :D).

Also, a shout out to our LJ readers…if you don’t often visit our main page, please do so just this once *puppy eyes* and complete the survey.

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Thank you and much love to all <333


  1. I completed the survey ^^ You guys are doing a great job with the blog, keep up the wonderful work ^^~ imop hwaiting :D

  2. Hahaha I’ve been silent reading for a while here ^^ But I finally decided to comment. Anyways, SHINee World is AWESOME. You gotta love Minho’s “my name is Minho” at 3:30 XD And I completed the poll (choosing almost all of the answers for…. I forgot what number, but it was one of the ones where we could choose multiple answers 8D)
    Goodbye~ (no not goodbye forever, just for now because I’m being a procrastinator) *runs away shyly*

  3. lovemelodies
    THANK U ♥♥ I’m glad you’re enjoying reading our blog so much ^___^

    HIII!!! Congrats on being a non-silent reader!!! Hehe, hope to see more of your comments around :) Argh, everyone’s been talking about Minho’s “My name is Minho” but I clearly haven’t been listening properly because I can’t hear it…*goes to relisten* :)

    Aw, don’t be shy!! Come back soon :DD

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