Posted by: lovediaries | August 28, 2008

Hyori – Hey Mr. BIG MV

{credit: chieri07 @ youtube}

I wouldn’t exactly call myself Hyori’s #1 fan but I do like her for her bubbly/cute personality (more than for her music lol) and I’m always up for watching MVs of female artists, because, YAY FOR GIRL CLOTHES :D Lol. I like this song more than U Go Girl. I think U Go Girl had a bit of the ‘got-too-catchy-it-was-kinda-annoying’ factor while this one remains at catchy and not yet annoying? Anyways, bbl to add more about what I thought of the MV ^^ Okay, just finished watching the whole MV and I must say, it ended kinda sudden. This is the first time I’ve heard the song so maybe that’s why despite nearing the end, I was still waiting for something more. I guess the main thing is, there is no climax in this song? It just sounds the same throughout. But onto all the shiny stuff! Hyori looks gorgeous in this MV (when does she not? Honestly XD). None of the clothes I would ever ever wear; but it’s times like these where I go back to my childhood dream of wanting to be a fashion designer because designing/styling clothes for an MV would be really fun and exciting, yeah? I loved the black nail polish and her pink headphones!! The clock part was exciting too lol but the guy doing a muscle dance in front of the fire truck was completely random (reminded me of contestants from Mr HK pageants) O.o I thought Hyori would hose him down coz he’s so “hot” but she hosed at nothing in particular XD. Oh and beginning part and near the end where Hyori’s in her pink wig reminds me of Fiona Sit’s 886 (her most annoying song ever but one of the most catchiest too XD). It’s the background I think :) And lol we’re incorporating Cpop in our posts already XP



  1. Why, hello there new parody. :D

  2. ^Why, hello there stranger.

  3. In this video, You see when she is wearing the Pink Jacket holding the megaphone ? What is the design of the jacket ?

    • Hmm, sorry, I’d have no idea :/

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