Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 29, 2008

Game Time: Name this song

::EDIT:: TWO MORE SONGS :D Candychu has added the second one and Beckery has added the third one; see if you can guess what songs they are and who they’re by!

Have you ever listened to bits of a song and thought “omg, that sounds SO familiar” and haven’t been able to name it? Well if that’s you, then you’ll fail at this game XDDD

I just discovered a way to embed music into WordPress, so I though I’d have a bit of fun with it. I cut a 30 second section from a song by one of the artists we cover here, and I’m going to embed it into the post for you to guess who it’s by ;) When you write your answer, include the artist AND the name of the song (write it in the comments section).

This might be easy for some of you, but be warned that there’s no singing in this short clip. I got it from the instrumental section :P

Oh, and don’t cheat by looking at other people’s comments (though the guesses are probably wrong). RESIST THE TEMPTATION; scroll down till you see the blank comment box, otherwise it won’t be fun if everyone gets it right by cheating :P And if the music file won’t play the first time, then refresh the page and try again :D!



If I don’t get many participants for this, then I’ll stop doing it XD But if LOTS of people play the game then I might do a longer one next time ^___^v


A few of you asked us in the survey whether we had an LJ account. We DO. There’s a syndicated live feed for this blog, and each of the authors have their own LJ too (links in the sidebar; Candychu’s link isn’t there, but just type in Candychu on LJ and you’ll find her :P)


  1. summer dream. and where are the rest?


    And I thought you knew everything.


    phew~ redeemed myself.

  4. shine..tohoshinki
    i love this song ^^
    it has been a long time i heard this song

  5. Candychu:
    Whatever, second guesses don’t count. You LOOOOSSSEEEEEE


  6. Shine by THSK! I thought Boxing the Sheep at first…

  7. I thought people would get it mixed up with Summer Dream…

  8. Actually I did…But then I read Candy’s post =PP I just didnt want to admit it lol

  9. I knew *you* would get it mixed up. Cos we’re both *that* awesome at listening XDDD

  10. DANG. At first I was like Summer Dream too. xD
    But it’s Shine =((
    i’ll get it next time xDD

  11. Dw, Changdice thought it was Summer Dream, too, and she has all their singles XDDD

  12. Second one’s SHINee’s Replay. The beat makes it obvious :))

  13. ^Get out of here LOL.

  14. Second one = Zhang Li Yin’s A Flame For You. Just a guess. Cuz I cant seem to have any song come to mind

  15. summer dream.

    i answered wrong too.that last seconds of the song so sounded like summer dream so i jjst based my fr that and its been a lont time i havent heard shine,coz sometimes i just listen to my fav songs fr dbsk,shine was not one of them,i love all their songs but its just i have my favs…=D

    the second one..i dont know..=D
    Shinee’s replay!!…o yea now u guys said it…there is the part there that kinda sounded like the song..

  16. I’ve already seen the first answer, so I won’t bother (oops)
    Second one is.. definitely Zhang Li Yin.. um, Flame For You?

  17. the first one really made me think of Summer Dream but as I listened more I realised that it’s SHINE ^^
    the 2nd one really stumped me :x i really didn’t realise it’s Replay!
    lol good game.

  18. The first one is definitively SHINE by DBSK. I don’t know about the second one though. And I think the last one is Anyband’s TPL?

  19. Okay so it’s not Flame For You, it’s One More Try, but whatever. I cheated and looked.
    Last one is TPL, Anyband?

  20. first one=shine!!! <3333
    2nd one=i dunnoooo T.T
    3rd=talk play LOVE!!!!

  21. Hi!
    My first time commenting, and I can’t promise to be active here, too, I’m sorry. But I want to say thank you, because this blog is very valuable source of information for me and it is always interesting to visit. I stalk you for a long time already =___=;
    I have only two answers:
    1. DBSK – Shine (their breaks in “summer songs” are kinda similar, at least for me ^___^;)
    2. can’t remember, arrrgh
    3. AnyBand – TPL (still in my player, so I’m sure about this one)

  22. 1 obviously SHINE by DBSK
    2 -________________- never heard of tht song in my entire life XDD
    3- talk play love by ANYBAND

  23. 1st Song – SHINE by: ToHoShinKi
    2nd Song – One More Try by: Zhang Li Yin
    3rd Song – TPL (Talk.Play.Love) by: AnyBand

    Go ME! lol.

  24. DANG Candychu..i don’t know your song.
    Last one is talk play love by anyband for SURE. =D
    homg this is so much fun!!!



    3rd one ANYBAND – T. P. L. (talk play love)

  26. DBSK Shine?


    Anyband TPL

    I failed.

  27. hi! i’m new to your blog and i love it!! i’ll give this a try…

    1. DBSK song… don’t remember the name lol

    2. Zhang Li Yin – One More Try (the little bridge in the middle)

    3. Anyband – TPL

    i’ll definitely be back to visit you guys ^^

  28. DBSK – SHINE
    Zhang Yi Lin – One more time
    ANyband – TPL

  29. WOOOOOH! The last part of SHINE did it for me ^^
    1. SHINE- DBSK
    2. Okay… I have no idea because I’m such a bad ZLY fan -_- But looking at others’ replies…. Zhang Li Yin- One More Try (MUAHAHA)
    3. TPL- Anyband

    #3 was really easy because I’ve relistened to TPL a lot lately XD
    I’m still not used to commenting here >< I’ll get used to it soon!!

  30. the first one is definitely dbsk’s summer dream.
    the second and third ones, I have no clue whatsoever…
    i only listen to songs of dbsk and super junior… lol, i’m a fail kpop fan…

  31. ah, i just browsed the comments and obviously i’m also a fail dbsk fan…
    …ah, feel so bitter…

  32. Weeeeeell, I know the first and last one, but IDK what the second one is….
    *hits self with PHAIL*
    1) Shine by DBSK
    2) IDKKKK (Never heard it before though……)
    3) Talk Play Love by Anyband

    Huzzah, I didn’t cheatttt~

  33. 1) dbsk-shine
    2) jang ri in-one more try

    Those are all my favourite songs!!!^^

  34. Oh, man, I fail so hard at this. =( I thought the first one was Summer Dream. -.-

  35. Looks like the game is a hit, though. =D

  36. SHINE!!! i’m quite sure of it.. it’s the part where they do the cool moves on the floor>.<

    2nd one.. no idea, i THINK i heard it before though

    3rd one: ANYBAND! TPL? it’s jin bora’s solo part right??

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