Posted by: lovediaries | August 29, 2008

080828 SHINee Comeback on MCountdown

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

Haven’t watched it yet because I desperately need to sleep ;______;

Be back later !! They say the performance of SHINee World was slightly longer than their first performance so it should be exciting :D

Aw, okay, I feel really evil because while watching the performance I suddenly wanted Taemin’s voice to crack XDD. AHAHAHAHA. Oh that would totally make my day. Just once is enough.

They started off with SHINee World and what a waste of good choreography time by walking down the stairs XD I’m starting to feel a tad annoyed that Yoo Young Jin reused his own music :S Especially because that StephaniexHyo Yeon “dance battle” was from a while ago…

Anyway, whatever :D They were in their white + black outfits and I realised that I actually prefer them in colour. I think the achromatic colour scheme should be for the more “mature” groups (even though I get sick of seeing it on SJM) while SHINee should stick to their ~*colour*~. I want them in those sexy suspenders and possibly for Minho’s vest to fall off halfway through a performance. That would be a nice touch to their already sexy performance. (What’s another word for sexy? XD).

I liked Jonghyun and Onew’s hair in this. Half of you are probably thinking “What =.=” It all looks the same” but nooo…they had like a little crimp in it! And so Onew’s hair was less emo and Jonghyun looked extra extra hot :D/ I think Key had a crimp too but I’m too busy being mesmerised by his eyes to look at his hair, ROFL.

BUT the most important thing is that you guys HAVE to watch this performance because MINHO RAPPED!!! Like, he actually had his part in SHINee World!!! We’ve all heard is “My name is Minho” by now, right? So watch it LIVE! He is sooo much louder than all those Replay & Replay Boom Track performances COMBINED and his voice *_____*.

I also really really love Onew’s voice. He just projects his voice really well and it kinda rings out and surrounds you ~*LALALA*~ LOL. I especially love it when he sings in english. No accent whatsoever! Forevermore was love and another english song would be even more love so he should do something about that. Actually, he did sing another song but I couldn’t find it on youtube and right now I can’t remember what it’s called. Argh.

So yeah, GREAT COMEBACK! Though I really wish Taemin had been wearing his colourful tank and cap XD.

Also, I have the bestest idea for a post I want to do. It was inspired by a comment chrestos left.

Intrigued? Hehe, well you’ll have to wait for it. If I ever get enough parts of my brain to work together, that is xP


  1. Omg, I was just about to post this; I’m glad I checked back here first XD


  2. sounds like you’re going to let us guess who the voices belong to!

  3. pas
    Lol it’s not that exciting. I have a tendency to get people all excited, huh? I shall discuss this with you later tonight :D Except now I feel kinda stupid about it ROFL.

    Ooh close but not quite :P I don’t quite have the right programs/resources to allow people to guess voices XD

  4. hi! it’s been awhile since i’ve visited/stalked your awesome blog. ^^

    I really like this performance and i have to agree that they should just dance than walk but Jonghyun did it so sexily that it makes up for it. lol.

    and have you watched the bts from their episode 5? you should!! hehe
    uh here’s some link:

    and oh shinee+ in my room+hana yori dango is love..$&ref=

  5. nylenuol
    Yes, havn’t seen your comments for quite some time now :O Thanks for the links! I just haven’t gotten round to watching their Reality show yet. I still have ep 4 to watch too :( Hopefully I’ll find time this weekend because I’ve heard so many good things about this noona. The flv site thingy isnt working :'(

  6. *dances around* am i finally going to know how to recognise taemin’s voice? ahaha

    & at your last comment. “Baby I need a cow” is not funny?! IT’S HILARIOUS HELLO. Hahahahaha x)

  7. chrestos
    YES! Told you we’re brain!twins!! (or have I never said that to you before?) Lol. Yeah, I’m planning on doing a post on “how to recognise voices”. Or does that sound stupid? :(

  8. Yay for live perfs! The boys look and sound great. 3+ months in SM and still healthy looking! \^o^/ The voice post sounds fun being as I have no idea what Minho sounds like. Good idea chrestos.

    And Candychu I think the song was “Still With You” by Eric Benet. I loved it when Ryeowook sang it, but Onew’s almost perfect English and *namja* voice made it…idek really really good.^^

  9. ^Yeah, but they’re starting to get eyebags </3

    Haha, lol, Idk if I’ll actually cut voices but I’ll def. share how I learn to recognise ppl’s voices after a few listens :D

    Ooh yes! I think that’s the one! Thank you <33

  10. oh if you like Onew’s english, you should definitely listen to his “Still With You” song that he sang on… Shim Shim TaPa! SOOOOO freaken good! no accent at all and likes like hes a native speaker! pretty insane. XD

  11. ^Thanks for letting me know ^^ I’m desperately trying to find the mp3 so I cna listen to it over and over xP

  12. Ahh, I love Onew’s projection skills~~~ That’s a big thing for a lot of singers; they  can’t project! And as a theatre geek, I always find myself thinking in my head “Pronunciation, enunciation, PROJECTION.” xDDD It’s like surround sound and sooo pretty. I think that’s why I was so attracted to him in the first place…? xD My ranking for celebrities is based on voice, personality, looks in that order. (lol)

    I do like the colourful stuff better. T_T The black and white seems so…plain somehow. -sad sad-

    TEEHEE minho rapped! =O =O

  13. ^Ooh you do theatre? Do you act? :DD

    HEY! You’re like me! Well, actually I’m more talent, personality than looks. So voice kinda equals talent. I like those who can sing and dance and do both simultaneously :D To me, looks really don’t matter. I like cute guys more than hot anyway; and even a smile can win me over ^___^

    Yeah, agree! The B&W is kinda … emo. LOL.

    Minho’s rap was great <3

  14. I used to act. Once upon a time. Nowadays, I make the costumes. xDDD Because, well….costuming/cosplaying utterly consumed my life, a couple years back, and being a nerd doesn’t leave room for much more than one hobby. XD

    I’d like to clear up that fangirling is not a hobby. Fangirling is a WAY OF LIFE.

    xD I like the dancing, but I care a lot more about the voice. So, I guess, any boy with a nice seductive voice who asks me out will be unlucky enough to have to deal with me as a girlfriend? But until then, I’m happily single. xD

  15. ^Wow, you’re younger than me but it sounds like you’ve achieved so much more than me ;____; I used to want to design costumes! Which was why I did textiles lol but I’ve kinda given up on that :(

    OH YES Fangirling is most definitely a way of life :P It makes one extremely happy, doesn’t it?

    I definitely like voice more than dancing too but like I said two in one is the best lol. Most of my favourites have teh sexiest voices ever like Kyuhyun and Onew ..omg *drools* lol XDD

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