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SuJu M on Star Face to Face

Omg, it’s been soo long since we did an SJM post .____. There are still so many shows I haven’t watched like Bravely Marching Forward and a number of interviews they’ve done :( Anyway, this was the show where Kyuhyun got a heat stroke while filming </3 I, er, don’t think the whole show is up :S So I’m just watching cuts. I translated some of it so I’ll keep it under the cut or it will take up the whole page :)

Henry Violin Solo – The female MC says “When Henry is preparing for his solo, Ryeowook is on the side massaging him” HENWOOK! Lol. I’m not really obsessed with couples in Suju M coz it basically comes down to Hae being a loner LOL but it’s still cute, I think. His performance of “Storm” was amazing, as usual. I’ll seriously never get sick of watching it. His wrists move at such a frantic speed *___* Oh, Henry <333 How I missed having my heart skip a few beats for you ♥♥

You know what would be really exciting? If he held a pan and a spatula instead of a violin + bow. AHAHAHA. And he’d still look mighty fine moonwalking.

Donghae playing Violin – Omg Donghae is the biggest dork. He comes in saying “Wonderful/Brilliant” and repeating it about 10 times rofl. So the hosts ask the audience “What do you think of Donghae’s chinese?” And of course they all shout out “Brilliant!” Then they ask Donghae “If you compare Henry’s dance and yours, who’s is better?” Hankyung is so subtle at translating lol what a ninja XD. And Donghae replies with “Me. Me.” The host then asks Donghae to imitate Henry and his violin playing and he says “Honestly! I’m really good.” Omg his smile is all sorts of cute ^___^ It makes me awww at him. Damn, I missed going nutso over Donghae too XDD

AHAHAHA OMG LMAO. Henry comes out to show Donghae how it’s done and Hae uses the bow to poke Henry’s butt AHAHA. You know, no wonder everyone went and hit Donghae’s butt at the SMTown Concert. It’s cause he’s always harrassing other people XD.

After Henry demonstrates, Donghae goes and gives the white violin to the host and says “That’s fake” and asks for Henry’s real violin!!! LOL. Poor Henry :( He kinda backs away a bit, holding onto his violin possessively and is probably thinking “No, Donghae…this isn’t a toy O_O” Henry kindly assists Donghae in positioning it upright and he snaps at him and says “I KNOW” ROFL!!!!

And this is sooooooooo cute. Donghae plays baa baa black rainbow sheep. OMG, GUYS, I JUST REALISED. Twinkle twinkle little star, the alphabet AND baa baa rainbow sheep have the same tune. OMG I NEVER KNEW :O :O :O Woah, you learn something new everyday, eh ;)

Damn, Henry seems like a really awesome violin teacher. TEACH ME! TEACH ME! Stupid Siwon is in the background going “He knows. He knows” LOL. Poor poor Henry. AND I SEE KYUHYUN ♥♥ HELLO!! Anyway, Hankyung is like “Okay, Donghae practice this when the show ends” XD

The host compliments that Donghae has a lot of potential and he says “I will work hard” ^^

Donghae Dance Solo – (Okay, I have a feeling I watched all this out of order but whatev. XD) Hankyung explains that Donghae is doing some bird dance and he’ll fly forward or something or other like that :P Henry beatboxes for Donghae!! *happy squeal*!!!!!. Okay, fine. I ship HenHae =.=” Which is why I don’t ship HenWook ROFL.

And omg they called Donghae “Little Fishy” 小鱼儿 xiao yu er (homg I just typed that on my keyboard – I rock :D). Donghae has to dance to the different moods of music and is oh so adorable <33 Henry comes out at one stage and so does Zhou Mi then jealous!Wook is all “HEY ME TOO ME TOO” in the background ROFL.

The MC asks the audience “IS Donghae cuter or Doraemon?” And they all say “东海“ (yeah, I’m being cool and using my keyboard lol and you guys should recognise those two characters anyway :P).

He goes to say smething at the end but chickens out except the MCs noticed so they asked him to say it and I thought he was speaking in Chinese lol but he said “Thank you/I love you” AW, ILU2 HAEFACE ♥

Song Guessing Game – They listen to a song through earphones and have to hum out the tune of it while the audience guess what song it is. It’s a popular game in HK variety shows (Super Trio anyone? ^^). In HK, they usually have a non Chinese person listen to Chinese songs so it’s basically the same here since they’re Korean. I loved Donghae’s little finger lol. He and Siwon listened to a song with lots of high notes they could’n’t hit so his finger would just shoot up XD. There’s not much to translate in this segment so you can watch and still laugh :D I missed Siwon being “cocky” and “arrogant”. I love how half his Chinese doesn’t make sense because he starts off saying something and then just “…” Like “It’s hard to start” and I was thinking “start what? XD”.

The rest of the cuts are their performances and you can find them here.

Oh and random airport Zhou Mi pic which is oh so sexy ;)

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