Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 30, 2008

Jonghyun and Key singing DBSK’s “Hug”

Video: YunhoLoverXP @ Youtube

I think this is a cut from an episode of the SHINee reality show, but I’m not sure which one cos…I haven’t watched any episodes from their show XDD

Candychu‘s been covering SHINee for the last decade (cos some of them are older than her =.=) but I just had to post this; IT’S SO CUUUUTE ^____^

Jonghyun and Key are singing DBSK’s “Hug” in one of those Karaoke rooms (i think?) and omg, they are SO HAPPY and SMILEY XDDD I love the little “dance” that they did in the middle of the track. And rofl at Minho XDDD He looks so serious, and had that “idon’tknowthemwe’renotfriends” look when the camera panned to him XDDDDDD Minho reminds me of those guards in England (the ones with the big hats) you just want to make him smile :P


  1. keke that was cute, that definitely wasn’t in their show

    aww, but how does onew sleep with that racket going on ^^?

  2. I want to cry T_T Why is Jonghyun younger than me!?!??!?! WHY?!? I want to steal him away and hide him under my bed forever and ever and ever. That boy is totally adorable *squishes his cheeks* <33333

    Hahaha they’re so batshit crazy and I love their random hugs and them feeling eachother up. Come here and let me have a go! XDDD And Minho is ridiculously mature for his age, I have this urge to tickle him and see if he even squirms haha.

  3. hahaha… i saw that yesterday..its from their bts of the reality show. i don’t think this cut was shown, i don’t know, i posted it on my other comment but didn’t label it. lol. they also sang so hot XD, snsd’s snsd which was equally crazy with minho doing the little dance at the end, and replay of course.. these boys are such crackheads.

  4. Such cuteness:) Lol at the paper sticking to Onew’s face. He’s fail even when he sleeps.
    I firmly doubt that Minho is like that all the time. He’s probably just as cracked as the others when he’s sure no one is filming. Remember the Pajama Party dance? I want to see the *real* Minho!


    Damn, I need to watch ep4 and 5. Soon.

  6. I love jonghyunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn soooo muchhhhhhhhhhh! <333333333333333333333333333 he is sooo hot!

  7. Minho is being so serious coz thats his image in shinee….everyone has to play a role and thats it…i remember shindong from suju said that his real personality is the opposite of his tv personality….i don’t know whats real anymore sometimes…coz idolgroup members has a specific image to follow….

  8. Yonheet55:
    They must be so tired :( poor things

    *points at you and laughs*

    *remembers that he’s younger than me too*


    Idk, I haven’t watched anything from their show ^___^;;;

    Awww, I want to see them dance to SNSD’s song…do you have the link?

    Onew is just one big (lovable) fail XDDD

    Awww, I haven’t seen the PJ party dance either ;___;

    What about homework :P

    He is, isn’t he :D

    Yea, I don’t think anything’s genuine in Showbiz. But that being said, I think that if you’re an outgoing person, you wouldn’t be able to hide that even if you did have to maintain an “image”

  9. pinkandsparkly:

    here’s the link of them singing snsd’s snsd if you still haven’t seen it yet:


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