Posted by: lovediaries | August 30, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep4

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Watching this before I nap so I can have nice dreams rofl XD.

Poor SHINee! From the moment they meet the Noona, they’re expected to start “training” XD. They didn’t even get to warm up first – I bet they had sore thighs the next day :( None of the boys believe that the “drill instructor” was their noona and so when she says “I’m today’s Noona” they’re all “Huh???”. She says she was first attracted to Minho coz he was tall (me too! me too!). I think I’ll like this Noona lol. She’s kinda cool hehe.

They all go out and ride a banana boat which looks extremely fun!!! Then they each take turns riding a FLYING BOAT with the noona. Jonghyun is first and wow he is seriously no longer a nervous and inexperienced boy. He talked so much he was disappointed when Key told them to leave XD And omg what on earth happened at the dorm?? I saw caps of him saying that if they talk about him he’ll reveal what happened at the dorm so does he ever say anything?? While Jonghyun and the noona are flying up in the air, Key and Onew pretend to be the two of them; it’s so cute. Especially Minho, standing at the back and just smiling. I bet he was thinking “I wanna role play too \:D/”

Taemin is next and they dance a little while sitting on the flying boat. And the noona says “Your eye laugh is so cute” !!! Awww, wholeheartedly agree <333 Key and Jonghyun imitate the two out on the water and Onew is soo weird XD He tries to be funny&cute but the other two are just like whatever. Jonghyun then says “I think Taemin will get picked this time”. Why so clever? :P

Then it’s Minho’s turn and his legs are so long and skinny O.o He had to cross them over and they were still sticking out everywhere XD The Noona tried making Minho talk more but he was all “Hm maybe” when she requested he rap for her. Aww, he’s so shy. Someone needs to spike his punch.

Er, for some reason, Onew and Key go out together. I guess that saves time? Lol. And OOOH so this is why Key is called Key! It’s because he wants to solve everything! Omg that is so clever :DDD Anyway, since the two of them are riding together with the Noona, they have to compete against each other then and there. Onew is nervous because Key’s the better talker and Key thinks he can’t lose simply because he’s younger.

I think Onew really has to get over the competitive side of this show and learn to relax a little. I have a feeling he’s going to be the last to get picked :(

I am now certain that Key has a fear of heights/extreme rides. Remember ep3 when everyone else was enjoying the rollercoaster while he was all OMGAH. Well this week he was the first to speak out about the bungee jump being “too much”. Anyway, Key loses to Jonghyun and he had even more to say afterwards XD Probably like “Hey you cheated…that didn’t count” etc etc.  Minho loses to Onew and Taemin loses to the Noona.

When they’re on their way up to the bungee tower, Key looks so scared. He goes weak at the knees when they finally get to the top too :( Aww, poor BB ♥ BUT MINHO IS SO COOL! Omg he practically FLEW off the tower like a superhero :D Key was standing right at the end watching it was sooo cute. Taemin looked like a ninja, the way he jumped off. Actually, kinda like Spiderman XD. Key is again, all “Wow”.

It’s finally Key’s turn and he admits that if it wasn’t for the others jumping, he wouldn’t have done it. The others down the bottom predict how he will be when he jumps. And Minho says “I don’t think he will jump” *smug smile*. See, he can be funny too!!! Then Key finally jumps!! I swear his voice cracked LOL but aww I’m so proud of him <3333 He covers his face and is all “I did it !!!” He overcame his fear !!!

Before selection, they ride off to a deserted island and the Noona says all these nice things to each member. You all probably know that Taemin got picked lol. Poor Minho. He looked so down, I want to give him a hug :( He says he doesn’t think the noonas see his heart and that made me really sad </3.

Wow, this episode was really enjoyable :D I’ll probably watch the next one later tonight and I will have finally caught up!

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