Posted by: lovediaries | August 30, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep5

Is “Romantic” making anyone else cry? Or am I just a super sensitive person? Key sounded really impressive in this song and even though the english doesn’t make sense, the way he sings “Still, I have romantic in my heart” just makes me all ;_______; I wish Onew had a go at singing that line since Jonghyun sings it a few times. And Taemin also sounds gorgeous. I love his “어떻해” <33 I also really like the way the song fades out (with Minho rapping) at the end. Whenever I used to hear songs like that, it would annoy me; but maybe because I haven’t “seen” it happen for so long, I really liked the effect it had in this song ^^

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Sorry, I should’ve posted this with my other one but then it would’ve gotten too long.

It starts off so scripted lol. Taemin turns to his hyungs for advice and Jonghyun says “You have to do everything the girl wants”. Everything? Lol. That’s probably why Jonghyun wore those cute ears last time because it was what the noona wanted. Aw, he’s so sweet but he has to be more of a man lol. Then they do “Ultra SHINee Transformation” !!! LOLOL. What boys!!

Key waits for the Noona in a park (same park where SuJu filmed that thing for their show where the boy goes “who’s Yesung?” Remember that???). The Noona comes out dressed prettily and Key sits there grudgingly and says “I will not let [Taemin] get married like this” ROFL, WHAT? XD

The pair go and eat crepes (YUM!) and the Noona shouts because Taemin is cute and she wants to buy him things :) AHAHA and Key says “Crepe is not a meal. It’s a dessert. Dessert!” Aw, he’s such a good hyung ^___^ The noona is really cute because they can both feel the generation gap and she’s all “i’m digging my own grave” *facepalm*.

The whole time, the “losers” have been following Taemin and the noona and they finally get caught hahaha. I love how after Jonghyun’s been on a date, he now feels confident enough to throw all this advice at Taemin.

So anyway, Taemin takes the noona to go play with dogs and he’s so immersed with them that he totally neglects the noona. So then Key and Jonghyun sneak in as well. I thought Key ran in but he ends up sitting back in the van?

Taemin compares the dogs to the other SHINee members…its SO funny. The one that looked like Onew was kinda ugly LOL and the one that looked like Minho was just sitting there XD. You see Minho in the van going
“That’s me? =.=” … brat.” XD. Taemin decides to play a game with the Noona and whoever wins has to make a wish come true for the other. Taemin gets the dog to go to him first so he wins. And guess what his wish was =.=” He wanted the noona to give a dog a piggyback ride. Seriously, wth??

They play another game and this time Taemin has to do as the Noona wishes. Which involves holding “Minho” and kissing him =.=”

They then go walk on the streets while the others are playing wii. Ooh I saw Jongkey hugging <333 I don’t want to start pairing them coz they’re an odd numbered group and that would be mean but I like every Keyxwhoever pairing. Like, later Taemin tells the noona that Key “coached” him the most and i just thought that was really sweet because Key was so nervous for Taemin. He’s such a mother <3

So while Taemin is saying nice things about Key, Key goes and mocks the way Taemin used to do interviews when they first debut and omg ITS SO FUNNY!! My favourite was “Key hyung cooks for me every morning so I have nice hair” ROFL!!!

Taemin and the Noona then go fortune telling/card reading..whatever it’s called. After, they go to choose couple t-shirts while the others go karaoke!!! My favourite! It’s so cute how they sing their own song LOL and Minho is just sitting there. WHY??? GET UP MINHO AND SHAKE YOUR BUTT OR SOMETHING. Jonghyun does though – in Minho’s face =.=” I love when they do Taemin’s dance ahahaha. They also sing “So Hot” (omg I love Key <333) and “Girls Generation”. I would’ve preferred “Into the World” if anything because “Girls Generation” is soo repetitive T_T Anyway, when Onew finally gets the mic, he holds out his hand to Minho who actually gets up! AND HE BUSTS A MOVE! Lol, the others love it. Man, they’re all so cute.

Back to Taemin and noona who are in her practice room. Taemin starts off dancing to Replay for her then they do a couple dance ^^ Then they sit down for a DnM and omg so sweet, the noona gives Taemin her glove which she has had for 4 yrs now !!!

At the end of his date, Taemin returns and Key gives him a hug and says “Mom will keep [the glove] for you”. Hehe. They all harass Taemin, asking if he held the Noona’s hand and it goes silent…then Taemin goes “shh” !!

Next week’s episode looks really fun (why are there so many amusement parks/fun places in Korea???) except the Noona is a “sexy” one so I’ll probably be all claws and teeth in my next post.


  1. you watched it!! woohoo!! i like the noona, kinda reminds me of myself.. ROFL..
    just kidding.. next week’s episode.. i wonder who’ll get picked.. :0

    romantic.. for me sounds like a sad sensual? song.. lololol.. but the song that i think exudes much emotion is jonghyun’s solo.. it’s just awesome a;kljdlhsfdjhuefruh;lhdk.. especially that i’m listening to it while there’s thunder and lightning going on outside.. lol

  2. nylenuol
    Yes! I finally watched it. This noona was really fun. I think I liked her because she set out with a good intention :) And she was really nice to Taemin; very sweet <33

    Romantic is a heart breaking song ;____; I love it so very very much. Lol I still haven’t heard the whole of Jonghyun’s solo XD I’ve been downloading like one song a day because I really don’t want to “ruin” it XD I want to save it for when I finally get my own copy.

    Aww, thunder & lightning can be pretty … but er, I’m actually afraid of storms XD

  3. Alot of people like romantic too.. I can’t decide which song is my favorite in their album because it’s all wonderful.. Maybe i’ts me being biased and because i really like r&b so.. Hahaha.. I resisted dl’ing at first coz i really want to buy and support them but i realized i won’t be able to have it like ever, if only my korean friends are in korea..^^ And you should watch out for Key’s english rap in one of the tracks.. He’s almost as good as Henry in the moment.. lol.. nah, maybe I’m just exaggerating … :P

  4. ^Funny you should say that because I’m just about to download “Graze” coz I wanna hear Key rap in english. The rap makes sense sorta so I’m looking forward to it :PP

    Ahh, see I’m more of a ballad person so this album is perfect for me. Though, I do admit, I wouldn’t have minded more “Replay” type tracks. :)

  5. Actually “Graze” started out weak for me but it builds up towards the chorus, and the best thing for me would be Minho and Key’s rap.. hahaha.. But all of them sounded really good. It’s like SM hit jackpot with them.. Not saying that DBSK or SuJu aren’t something coz they are the bomb! lol but SHINee is doing great for a newbie.. Their album to me doesn’t sound like a first.. hahaha.. That is why they have been occupying my free time alot!

    and have you seen baby junghyun? lolol..he’s so cute..

  6. ^ROFLLL!!!!!!! Thank you for that pic! Cutest thing I’ve seen alll day :DD

    Yeah, I still can’t believe these boys are only 15/16/18. I was watching Key sing to So Hot and…idk, he just amazes me. He’s only 16 and he is all sorts of awesome. There really is nothing he can’t do. Argh, I love that boy so much lol.

    And exactly! It’s been, what, 3 mths? And I love SHINee as much as I love SuJu and DBSK practically. It’s dangerous lol. I don’t want to get so obsessed that I’ll one day get sick of them, you know? I’m trying to take things slow LOL. Like I”m on drugs or something xDD Don’t want to get too addicted but I can’t keep away.

    Sigh* I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore T___T

  7. Don’t you think it’s kind of funny that only the two of us are talking here? lololol.

    And Key.. that boy.. hahahaha..yes, he is all sorts of awesome. But he is sooooo young.. They are all soooo young but when they perform on stage i always tend to forget their age…

    I’m actually on the verge of being obsessed with them.. haha.. coz i think they are the only group that i keep up as of now.. I guess i can have my balance when DBSK make their comeback and SJ-M release their new MV… XXDD..

    And true that, i don’t want to get sick of them like some other group i liked before.. And that i missed seeing them perform replay.. :(

  8. ^Lol, see, this is exactly why we especially appreciate readers who comment XD It shows that someone out there cares, ROFL. Thank you for talking to me lol otherwise I’d probably be smiling to my wall or something ahahaha.

    I know! Everytime I see them on stage and I go crazy, I always have to calm myself down and say “Hang on, how old are they again?” XD

    When DBSK make their comeback, I’m going to go psycho coz I have my final exams on .___. They’d better not screw me over LOL.

    Hmm, well I’m hoping I won’t get sick of them anytime soon. I’ve come to realise that unless I like every member of a group, my infatuation with them won’t last long. So far, every band I still like to date is because I love every member :D/

  9. haha.. of course your readers care coz you guys are awesome!! haha. it was really nice talking to you.. i don’t usually do this coz i’m not good with words and i’m mostly incoherent.. lol..but this is fun..XDD

    another comment again just so our names fill the side bar.. lol
    and i dunno if you’ve seen this but i found some album scans from their album- both versions.. it actually help people decide to just buy both.. XXD

    i’m sorry if it’s alot. i dunno how to minimize posting them here.. haha..

  10. i watched it yesterday! ahahaa. key is such a dork!!!!! he makes me cry and laugh! HAHAH. he gives me the same feeling whenever i see yoochun being dorky! HAHAH. really love them and MINHO needs to be more active!!! he’s so quiet and this gets so obvious when the other members get all high and active! like during their singing session. i was shocked to see him sitting there all alone, being contented with what he sees.HAHAAHA

    and I ADORE ROMANTIC. even my mother loves it!!! such a sweet and beautiful song! except that i crack up everytime i hear ” i still have romantic in my heart!” HAHAH. makes no sense!

  11. nylenuol
    lol dw I’m sure no matter how crazy you get, you’ll still seem normal to me XD seriously, my fingers always hurt from smashing the keyboard XD

    ahh yes! i noticed the pattern we were making on the sidebar :( too bad I couldn’t see it after you commented again *sigh*. I would;ve screencapped it :PP Hehe.

    And thank you soooooooo much for the pictures. ILUSM <3333333

    LOL i know! Like when he was scared of the bungee jump, I wanted to cuddle him and then when he was in the karaoke room all high I wanted to slap him (coz I like hitting people when I’m happy LOL) !!!

    I introduced my mum to SHINee yesterday! I was like “Look mum I like little boys :D/” !!! XD

    Yeah, too bad that line doesn’t make sense coz I would love it 1003859x more. Except I still really love it now ^^

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