Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 30, 2008

Some 2PM Love

We’ve just posted their MV, so I thought I should probably do an intro post so we all know who they are. I just had a listen to their album; it’s pretty good :D!

I’ll put their profiles after the cut, cos the pictures are kinda big.


1990.02.11 / 184cm 75kg


1987.04.25 / 174cm 60kg


1988.06.24 / 180cm 64kg


1988.01.15 / 180cm 68kg


1989.04.30 / 178cm 65kg


1990.01.25 / 178cm 67kg


1988.12.27 / 185cm 76kg


You know what makes me really happy? NEARLY ALL OF THEM ARE OLDER THAN ME :DDD!!! And Nichkhun is really hot, like, I’d be really happy if someone wanted to give me him for Christmas ;)

I’ve never watched a full episode of their reality show, but I remember watching a dance-off and thinking that Jaebum’s a really good dancer *___*

::Edit:: Nichkhun was born in America and is half Chinese; he likes piano and snowboarding <3333333333333333333333


Some people are saying that he’s not Chinese, but in an interview Nichkhun himself said that he’s half Chinese:

Hello my name is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul. I was born in America but grew up in thailand so I tell people that I’m Thai but really I’m half Chinese

So unless he’s identity confused….I think it’s safe to say that he really is half Chinese ^____^v


  1. HEY YOU! Nichkhun is MINE! I already took first dibs agessss ago. Take someone else. Plus the guy is older than me. Do you know how rare it is, since they’re manufacturing them all young these days =_=

  2. They’re really good eyecandy =DD
    Junho and Taecyeon.. ♥_♥
    i feel wierd having another junsu..xD

  3. U forget to mention that He is Thai – i mean Nichkhun
    and actually he isn’t half chinese. he’s full Thai but his ascenter are from china — just to clear things up

    sorry for my poor english — hope u understand what i try to say

    • icz. well then, Nichkhun is ONLY Thai. Lmao, wait and see when they start promoting this group to china, they’ll probably just say oh, His mother is chinese, eventhough u kno it might not be. :P

  4. nichkhun is mine~! <3333333333333333333333 pink and sparkly and beckery back off!

  5. hello awkward pictures haha :D especially Junsu. they’re all cute though! can’t wait to hear them sing live.

  6. Lol Nichkhun isn’t chinese otherwise I would’ve long alksjflaskdjfs over him. He has thai blood :PP So Junho is the Rain look-a-like. I like him :D And Junsu :DD

    • what’s up with Him being half chinese? does that offended you in anyway? then maybe you should keep distances from people who are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8..of chinese. ’cause it can be Contagious. LMAO.

  7. is it weird that i cant stop watching their latest MV’s ?
    and the fact that the finger sucking part was my favorite *,.*

    2PM ftw even though i can only remember about 2 names and it’s gonna take me another month to remember 5 more, and not even including 2AM. :x

  8. nichkhun and junho r sexyyyyy~! <333333333333333333 also yes candychu junho looks like rain that’s why I like him! ;D

  9. Beckery:
    Nuh-uh, I’ve already booked him ;)

    Rofl, “manufacturing” XD

    Junho looks like Rain XDD

    He himself in an interview said that he’s half Chinese ^__^

    Nuh-uh, he’s all MIIIIINE



    LOL, they are pretty awkward pictures aren’t they XD

    He’s half, that counts for something :P

    LOL, you’re special :P

    It took me MONTHS to get Suju’s names ;___;

  10. Jaebeom=Sexness;D

  11. OMG!!!! wooyoung has the same exact birthday as me!!! same month day and year!!!! 04/30/1989!!!!! man i wonder whos older!!!??

  12. Emm..MAy i take JunHo?
    I love him!
    I mean JunHo is mine

  13. funny comments. nice group, hope they’ll do well in the future. best wishes.

  14. I want Junsu or Taecyeon as Christmas gift :P

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