Posted by: beckery | August 31, 2008

080829 SJ-M Golden Eagle Festival with Zhang li yin

Credits to Symbelmyns @ youtube

They performed Man In Love Intro + U and I read that this will be their last “U” performance, because they’re going to start promoting “Me”. Hahaha U and Me XDDD But yea I thought it was about time. Not that I have anything against “U”, but I was getting a tad bored with it. Though I’m definitely going to miss their pelvic thrust/body rolls/sexy moves. However, new song means new performances, new dances, new image and new MV!!!! I think they’ll be performing ‘Me’ at their next performance at Asian Night on the 16th September. So hopefully MV will be released before that? But as long as their releasing one than I’m happy.

I think they lipsynched the performance, which is a shame since its their last performance. But dang, Henry looks gorgeous and he always looks so sexy with that violin of his *_* Hankyung’s solo dance was hot, hot HOT! I miss that guy soo much =( Lol I’m going to sound like a broken record, but Hae still needs a haircut and Siwon should get rid of that bun =_=

Some pics of SJM and the gorgeous ZLY. She’s such a pimp hahaha XDD Oh and I just had to add that Henry picture cuz its so awesome <3 (click to enlarge)

Credits as tagged; Soompi


  1. SO LIKE UM. What was Henry doing with his hand there at the second verse? *___________*

  2. It seems like SJM released U forever ago. A new song/MV/color scheme would be nice. I’ll only say nice things about their hair why?Siwonwhy?! so I must admit that longish hair works better on Kyu than I thought it would. He’s looking mighty fine.^^
    The pic in the bottom left corner is so funny.XD Zhoumi is like laughing at his own joke or something while the rest of them aren’t caring. Siwon and Li Yin especially. lol

  3. etherenia
    Hahahah where what? Lol I have no idea XD

    I know right T_T A change would be good. Im kinda sick of the song and their clothes. Morrreee coloourrss please!! And new hair would be good to *coughHaecough* haha. Kyu looks good, except he looks really, really tired, the poor bb. I hope he’s not sick! And ZM is such a dork hahaha. I didnt realise until you pointed it out. He does look like his in his own little world haha <3

  4. Omg, Henry’s wearing a tie *o*

  5. @ beckery
    UM IDK. D: Like.. where he sings after Donghae after the first chorus. His right hand is… well, I just kept focusing on it for some reason. Pls to tell me I’m not imagining things or just being a perv~ :P

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