Posted by: beckery | August 31, 2008

080831 Younha’s Comeback on Inki

Credits to AoixAi @ youtube

She performed a short section of Someday and then Telepathy (embedded).

I really really like Younha. She’s seriously made up of all types of awesomeness ♥. I have nothing against her new look, but I kinda liked her old cute image more. I actually havent listened to her new album yet, but I’m planning to soon when I get back into my asian music mode haha. Anyways, its my first time listening to both songs and I like them. Especially Telepathy. Its got this really nice rock(ish) feel to it and I love it when she’s banging on the piano and has the whole “in your face” attitude going on. You go girl! XD I think theres a few parts where she’s a bit off, but its her first performance of it, so overall I think she did a darn good job!


  1. Ahhh, I really like Telepathy. =D My favourite song of hers will probably always be Te wo Tsunaide, but it’s so cool~~~ And I absolutely love her voice. She’s so talented…. =O

    Yeah, I kind of miss her cute image, too, but she’s still gorgeous, so whatever. =]

  2. I really like her song “Hero”! You should listen to it :)

  3. voicelessdoll
    Telepathy is a good song! Umm I have heaps of favourite Younha songs. The Perfect day to say I love you, Comet, I Cry, Fly, Audition etc. Im sure theres heaps more I like, I just dont remember their names haha. She’s a fabulous singer and very very talented with her piano!! And she’s definitely gorgeous <333

    Oh thank you, I definitely will XDD I’m sure I’ll like it too. Younha has great songs!

  4. she’s awesome and MADE OF WIN! ♥

    here be link to link to younha pimp posts!

    her album is amazing!!! she really is very talented and awesome and wow i think i’ve been converted to a fan.

    she has an english song (track 12? or something)

    track 2 is the remix of a song that blo wrote and features blo rapping.

    srsly she wins at life ♥

  5. querubin
    Oooh A pimp post. I’ll be sure to check it out when i have time. Thanks! I love reading pimp posts especially when its someone talented like Younha XDD

    I’ll be sure to check out her album too! Its just that I’m in a listening-to-english-songs-only mood and I havent touched a Korean or Chinese song for ages LOL. Funny considering Im an author here which is mainly KOREAN FANDOM!! haha XDDD

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