Posted by: lovediaries | August 31, 2008

080831 SHINee Love Like Oxygen Live

The flood of SHINee posts won’t be stopping anytime soon :PP

{credit: SheeHwi @ youtube}

Thanks to SHINee, I now have a tie fetish too. I’ve always liked boys in ties (nothing sexual lol, it just makes them look manly) and I even commented before on Henry wearing a tie lol but it’s now developed into something more because as soon as I saw Jonghyun in a tie, I immediately had to watch this performance XD. Oh, I scare myself sometimes.

Apart from Minho’s jacket which looks like it was stolen off Harry Potter or something, everyone’s outfits look great. Still colourless but the ties make it all better. Only Jonghyun and Taemin are in ties though. Can’t wait to see Key in a tie ;)

Also, I think because this song is more fast paced than “Replay”, my heart always seems to race faster when I watch it (as if, *I* was the one doing all the dancing). And by the end, it’s like they’re rushing to finish off the song?

Oh and the fans now have a chant for “Love like Oxygen” =.=” So I guess it means from now on, every performance will have fans shouting out.

Y Si Fuera Ella ♥♥♥


  1. awwwww jonghyun looks so cute with his tie! i swear, guys and ties are just so gentlemen! and jonghyun looks like hes about to propose to me TEEEHEEE

    LOLL be nice to minho xDD i love harry potter LOL hes going to spell us all with the hypnotising the girls thing

    omg taemins jsut getting so attractive nowadays…why cant he be older than me *cries*

  2. lkjadhshdu they are getting better every performance!! though taemin sounded kinda breathless!! haha..

    aw you got to listen to JH’s solo.. <3

    hahah.. i found out another something today though i refuse to believe it..
    one person from their int’l forum said that they already have their fanclub name and it’s SHINee World.. what the? hahahahaha

    and that minho isn’t really quite? hahaha..

  3. YES DON’T STOP THE SHINee posts :D Puahaha. I didn’t really feel like watching this performance even if you said Jonghyun was in a tie.

    … Until I saw that Taemin was in a tie too. HOMG I’M TURNING PEDO ._. Taemin what have you done to me ㅠ_ㅠ He is secretly older than 15, I don’t think he is really 15, I don’t want him to be x)

    I loooove Y Si Fuera Ella :D But how do you pronounce it???? 헤야 does not sound anything like it :3

  4. Katherine
    LOL you’re so biased towards Minho! I’m just telling the truth. His jacket was so out of place XD

    Yeah, I thought he sounded kinda breathless too!

    Whut =.=” They should call their fanclub M.V.P. I mean, they even have the whole hand/finger signs which are wayy cool. It requires so much coordination and practice though.

    Hmm, you’re the second person to say that Minho isn’t that quiet :S I would find it totally weird if he just came out of his shell all of a sudden.

    YES!!! ILU FOR SAYING THAT. I was actually mildly depressed for a while because I didn’t know if people were getting sick of my SHINee posts or if I was making them get sick of SHINee. And you just made me feel a whole lot better :D

    And omg I can’t believe Taemin in a tie was what convinced you to watch this performance. Gosh, you’re worse than me XD.

    Yeah, I secretly tell myself that Key is actually 17 turning 18.

    I have no idea how you would pronounce it but I’m sure 헤야 doesn’t really mean much. Are you abusing your Krn keyboard again? :P

  5. YAY TIES =D I like ties. Ties look great. Now if only boys actually knew how to tie them….>.> Okay, these outfits look much prettier. =D For some reason, I really like Taemin’s…When I was reading your post, I kind of went “Harry Potter….? o.0 Eh…? What’s he wearing, a cloak…????” But then I saw it and i TOTALLY UNDERSTAND XFD.

    This song is starting to grow on me. I mean, it was okay at first, but I really like it now =D =D

    Wait, wait, Taemin’s 15 now? HAHAHHAHA HE’S MY AGE. For a few more weeks at least. T_T

    But it’s okay, The other four are still older than me, and since I have a massive crush on Onew, it all works out. =D

  6. Whoo, ties!~ -faints at sight of Jonghyun-

    And er… what are they chanting??

  7. Taemin and Jonghyun look amazing in those ties. I especially like this better than Jonghyun’s vest and Tshirt outfit. Lol Minho can wear whatever he likes.^^
    I do agree that Taemin usually sounds breathless/shaky but I think he’s just not used to controlling his air flow. Breathing while dancing is way different from breathing while singing. He just needs more practice.

    And CHRESTOS, Y Si Fuera Ella= Eee See Fwe-rah Ae-yah. If that even makes sense…^^

  8. LOL I actually love your SHINee posts, don’t stop ^^
    Taemin’s too young to look that hot in a tie >< But Jonghyun is just a;sldkfjlaksfj. He looks so awesome in that tie. I’m… actually not scared of you XD It’s probably because I have fun reading your posts.
    I actually wish they still had the colors. I mean, the black and white makes them look hot, but I’d actually gotten used to the blinding colors XD
    Gosh, I think you’ve passed your Key infatuation on to me (don’t tell anyone, but you’re my favorite ^^). I’m obsessed with Key now.
    Ahh, I’m getting more used to posting comments here. Maybe one more time?

  9. voicelessdoll
    I like ties too :D Especially loose around the collar with a few buttons undone *is picturing Hyuk* XD

    HAHA! See, told you it looks like something off Harry Potter XD Yay for understanding <33

    Performances always help. Like Cooking!Cooking? and Pajama Party. I most definitely would not enjoy the songs as much if not for the MVs and performances!

    Ooh are you turning 16 soon? Happy Birthday for when you do <33 Key turns 17 soon too ^^

    Alex Ryom
    I don’t know what they’re chanting and I don’t care. I just wished it wasn’t so distracting XDD

    You can’t really go wrong with ties, eh? :P Throw a sexy boy in a tie and fangirls out there are frothing at the mouth.

    Mm, good point! And I agree. Because Taemin is a better dancer than singer (though he’s not bad at that either) he’s probably used to breathing the dancing way. I’m sure just a bit more practice will make things a whole lot better :D They are SHINee after all! Such a hard working bunch ^___^ Making us noonas proud!

    Ooh, thanks for telling chrestos how to pronounce Y Si Fuera Ella! I’m listening to the song now hehe XD And CHRESTOS, Y Si Fuera Ella= Eee See Fwe-rah Ae-yah. If that even makes sense…^^

    Omg you’re so sweet and nice and I’m going to hug you to death ♥♥

    Haha, in my eyes, no one is ever too young to be in a tie *pedo laugh* LOL. Yeah, when I think of SHINee I immediately see bright colours so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that in their performances since I’ve adjusted my eyes to it already :P

    Yay! I like feeling influential. And I think my “thing” for Key has gone beyond infatuation, don’t you? XD.

    And awwwwwww. Your comment has made me really happy today especially because I’ve had to deal with crappy friends XD Dw, I’m sure the other authors won’t see this comment *secretly gives you a cupcake* :PP

    Yes, please do comment more <3333

    p.s I love your icon/avatar/display picture :D

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