Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 31, 2008

SHINee World Album Scans

A huuuuuge thanks to nylenuol for linking Candychu to these! I hope you don’t mind me sharing these with everyone; they’re so good! (and dw, I’ve reuploaded all of them ^__^v).

I won’t comment too much on these, cos I feel like a pedo XDDD I’ll let Candychu edit this post tomorrow and tell you all what she thinks of these pictures ^^

BTW, if you haven’t bought SHINee’s album yet, now’s a really good time! Their album’s on sale at Yesasia, only $13.99!! So if you sacrifice three Frappuccinos, you’d be able to support SHINee :D!!

Lots of pictures after the cut (they’re so PRETTY :D)

::EDIT:: CANDYCHU: *GASPS and dies a million times over* Thank you nylenuol for these *tackles you* <33 Someone commented on our survey that I (I assume it was directed at me XP) tend to get overexcited over things so I’ll try remain relatively calm and normal. BUT GAH. These pictures are so sexy!!!!! Even though I liked the black and white cover more, I actually like the pictures in the Green cover album more.

Like I said before, these boys are better in colour as opposed to black/greys/white and so when the photos themselves are in that colour scheme, it tends to add about 3-5 yrs onto their ages. Which is good, for pedos like me, but they are, after all, still BOYS and so should dress bright and happy and colourful :DD

Those close up shots (close up right? Coz medium is like from hip up?) look really nice. Key is my new phone wallie and desktop wallie :DD. So really, beckery and pinkandsparkly shouldn’t feel bad for “pedo-ing” over these boys since I mainly go ballistic over Key (WHO TURNS 17 SOON!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT).

I really like the “SHINee” light they have in their pictures. Especially Minho’s one. It would be the coolest thing on earth to have that up in your room, wouldn’t it?

I also like the “coloured” pictures more than the B&W ones because there’s more variety (in poses). The B&W ones are still nice though. I especially love the one of Key with his head on Onew’s lap ^^

Damn, after seeing these scans I’m really tempted to order it. You know what, I’m ordering it. If the repackaged one comes out tomorrow I will blow up SM but I’m still ordering it. So um…which one do I order?? A or B??


  1. OMG iI wantt one!!!1

  2. Of course i don’t mind! <3
    Let’s spread the SHINee love~~~

  3. hmmm… not sure if want…… :|

    lol that’s stupid. OF COURSE I WANT. :Q But I can only spend my debit card money for school.. ;____________;

  4. jonghyun is sooooo sexy~! <333333333333333333 I love him!

  5. take me now.
    they are soooooooo good looking.

  6. Their album’s on sale! OMG! I never order stuff online but I think I might actually buy this – I really want to support SHINee! Thanks for the heads-up. Love all of the SHINee love here – please keep posting.

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