Posted by: lovediaries | August 31, 2008

Wondergirls & 2am for TB Jeans

We haven’t done a 2am post since their .. debut XD Oops :P

Anyway, they were recently in a shoot with the Wondergirls for TB jeans (but where’s Seulong??).

Jinwoon is so cute *squishes cheeks*. And Changmin still reminds me of Mc Mong.

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The clothes look nice enough, but I wish they didn’t fiddle around so much with the way their jeans look on the girls. I may not know So Hee’s height, but I know for a fact her legs are not as long as they appear to be. And is Yoobin’s torso really 1/3 of her total height? I…honestly don’t think so.

And check out the 3rd thumbnail. They seemed to have just blended the background into a part of their legs =.=”

I get really annoyed when advertisements use such digitally manipulated pictures to sell clothes (maybe because I don’t have legs like those XD); but it’s kinda misleading, isn’t it?

If they’re going to have to elongate Wondergirls’ legs, can’t they just find a model who can wear their jeans naturally? That would, after all, cut down their expenditure :)

p.s I love Sun Mi’s hair and I want her sunnies :D


  1. If the Wondergirls have legs that long, then my legs wouldn’t fit into the picture. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that I’m more than 10cms taller than some of them. It’s not possible for them to have legs like that if they’re that short.

    On the other hand, the boys look good ^__^ I’ve been listening to their album; it’s really good!

  2. ^I know how fake do they look *rolls eyes*. They’re like stilts .. is that what they’re called?

    Ooh do you mean their single?? Like the one with 3 tracks? xP Yay for ballads lol

  3. how tall is wg? i know sunmi have long thin legs but not barbie doll long ^^
    once u point it, the ad seems ridiculous to me, then i dig up their previous TBJ ad, that’s also photoshoped? because their leg skin color seems unnatural to me
    maybe we have to rely on real photoshoots of media (fnn,osen,sports donga, etc) to picture the real wg

  4. ^I went and looked at more pictures of wg but I realised that many of them were all photoshopped :S It’s a pity, really, because these sort of pics give anti’s a reason to hate them. So if the co. just used natural pics, it would create less trouble in the long term XD

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