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Zhou Mi 101

This is for fampar who requested someone translate this. I like his writing, lol. Even though I can’t change it from simplified to traditional first, I can still read it :D It’s actually the fan who has neat writing. Zhou Mi’s writing is messy XDD.

pinkandsparkly and I translated this so if taking out, please credit Let’s All Eat Candy :). Our comments are in ” [ ] ” so you can get rid of that if you want when posting elsewhere XD.

Under the cut coz I spaced it out and it’s kinda long XD

1. Would you mind telling us your shoe size?


2.What are you feelings towards “Huan zhu ge ge” (Princess Pearl; Chinese drama)?
[One of my fav dramas EVER]

A. Used to follow it intently when I was a primary school student
B. Unable to understand why tv stations broadcast the reruns every year
C. The main character isn’t as good looking as me
D. Good to watch when I’m not doing anything else

Answer: Zhoumi chose “A”

3: What’s your favourite beverage? (including beer ^^)


4: Where do you want to go for vacation?

America; Hong Kong

5: What’s your favourite fruit?


6: What was your favourite event from this year’s Summer Olympics?

All of them!

7: What’s your favourite animal?


8: Did you eat anything before you answered these questions?


9: Who’s next to you right now?

Hangeng hyung

10: Which do you prefer: A woman who can cook or a woman who can earn money?


11. When you see “Kiss 觅” signs, do you feel happy? [觅 = mi = me … how clever is that???]

Of course! Thank you to everyone ~* KISS 觅 *~

12. Do you have a girlfriend? (Please answer responsibly).


13. Which is your favourite film?

“If Only” [Never heard of it T_T]

14. Apart from Wang Leehom, which other artist do you like?

David Tao …

15. Do you like hearing others compliment you look handsome, you’re cute, or other?

Handsome! I’m a guy!

16. Who’s cuter: Henry or us? [us = fans]

Both are cute!

17. When do you want to get married? (p.s I’m 19) [The fan is 19]

…35 yrs…

18. Do you like sons or daughters?

v_____v [I don’t know if this is his answer or not XD Possible tick to both?]

19. What do you do to past time?

Listen to music, read books, stare into space/daydream (发呆)

20. Last time when you sneaked back to HK, what did you do?

[I think he left this one blank … ]

Last Question: Are we nosy?

^^. [LOL. I’d take that as a Yes.]

p.s Last minute question to add, Sorry ^^

Favourite colour: black, white

Favourite clothing brands: many …

Favourite cartoon character: doraemon [Aww, that is so cute]


  1. OMG I LOVE Princess Pearl!!!! The one with Ruby Lin, Vicky Zhao Wei and Alec Su??? Cuz if its that one then omg one of my fave dramas too <333

  2. YES THATS THE DRAMA :D ME TOO! I was sooo obsessed with Vicky Zhao because of that show <33

  3. Thanks so much for do it ^^/*

    Just in case for 11 question
    11. When you see “Kiss 觅” signs, do you feel happy? [觅 = mi = me … how clever is that???]

    Of course! Thank you to everyone ~* KISS 觅 *~

    the sign is this

  4. fampar
    No problem! Glad I could be of help :)
    Ooh thank you for the pic! The sign looks lovely :D

  5. That sign’s really pretty X333

    And I’d just like to say that one of *my* favourite cartoon characters is Doraemon, too :P

  6. ^Well I’d like to say that KISS 觅 :PP

  7. oh wow i like the placard idea, very creative ^^

  8. ^I know, eh, how pretty is it :D

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