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Bravely Going Forward – Siwon and Henry on Boat

Except they’re more out of the boat than in XD

{credit: symbelmyns @ youtube}

You guys have to watch this!!! It’s so cute

This is the first cut I’ve seen of this show so I don’t know what’s going on. Siwon and Henry are on a team and their task is to get the red flag?

I’m not sure if I should call it “Bravely Going Forward” or “Bravely Marching Forward” since neither sound as good as the Chinese title XD. Anyway, translation under the cut! credit Let’s All Eat Candy if taking out ^^

The captions were the funniest which is why I’ve translated them too XD.Chinese characters in ” ( ) ” and my own comments in ” [ ] ”

Hankyung helps Henry with his life jacket and Henry says Thank You (谢谢).

Male host: Everyone can see that even though [the race] hasn’t started, the boat is already filling with water. Look at how hard working Henry is. Henry! So hard working!

Caption: CUTE (可爱)

Male host: Ever since you were little, you lived on a boat didn’t you?

Henry: Mmm (嗯)

Male host: It looks like you have a lot of experience in getting water out of the boat [Is there a technical term for this? XD]

Female host: So have you two split up the work you have to do later? Like one is in charge of getting the water out and one is in charge of paddling?

Henry: I’m getting the water out

Female host: Are you capable of doing it by yourself?

Henry: ? I think so.

Voiceover: Would the two [participants] please get into the boat please.

Henry caption: I’m the best.

Siwon: “Bravely Going Forward” (勇往直前). I’ll be the master. [I think he meant as in he will be in charge because the character used “主” can also mean “God” but I don’t think Siwon would use God’s name in vain XD]

Caption: Choi Siwon and Henry start the task.

[So then they paddle away and omg bestest part at 1.13. How freaking strong are Siwon’s arms??? XP I can’t believe he broke the paddle ROFL. Henry is soo cute still frantically getting the water out of their little tipsy boat.]

Caption: Siwon! What are you doing? He even brought Henry into the water! Lucky the water isn’t deep.

Henry waddles along in the water.

Henry Caption: Ge~ Wait for me!

Siwon Caption: Catching up?

Caption: Desperately trying to catch up.

[2.08 is my absolute favourite part out of the whole clip and is exactly the reason for you all to be watching. Henry jumps onto Siwon’s back like a little boy ^^ and Siwon gives him a piggy back ride to shore :D]

Caption: This scene has touched everyone. *Cue lullaby*

[Watch Donghae’s face. Sooo adorable <33]

Caption: Big bro and little brother going forward together.

Female host: Why does [Siwon] have to give [Henry] a piggy back ride? Can Henry not withstand the challenge? Can’t he swim?

Hankyung: He can’t swim.

Henry caption: We arrived!

[KYUHAE <3333]

Caption: *insert chinese idiom about brotherhood* Destination is getting closer and closer.

Female host: Just like a big brother protecting Henry.

[Siwon has a nice butt. Like a really really nice one.]

Female host: They’ve gotten the flag! Oh I want to cry *hides face*

Siwon: But right now it’s…very cold.

I think the episode where they’re indoors playing is up somewhere for download but I still haven’t watched it XD I’ll do that…sometime soon. Maybe :P But as you can probably tell, I prefer cuts XD.


  1. MOCHI!!! XDD!!! I want to eat HENRY! XD!

    [Siwon has a nice butt. Like a really really nice one.]
    ^ And why do you notice these kind of stuff?!?!? I was on a look out for Siwon’s butt the whole time I was watching this, thanks to you!!! XD!

  2. ^Ahem. You’re the only one to ever complain about my perverted comments :P
    Well since you were on the lookout did you check it out?? How nice and round were his butt cheeks o.O ROFL

  3. ya i wanna eat it so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    si won ya fighting!


    Bbut. Siwon is god XD just don’t let heechul hear okay XD.

    MAN I’ll definitely watch this clip later (kicks my dialup intarwebz connexn), even sans subs. Protective!Siwon to Didi/dongsaeng!Henry. OMG jsut reading about it makes me want to spazz a lot ♥

    thanks for the translation!!!

  5. myat
    mochi right? Isnt he just the cutest ^___^

    HAHAHA LOL. Heechul is the devil more like it.

    LOL you managed to watch SJ’s premium event but not this? XD

    And no problem <3 !

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