Posted by: beckery | September 1, 2008

Hankyung/ZM/Henry Promoting SM Global Auditions

Credits to Symbelmyns @ youtube

Hankyung is absolutely adorable here. He looks so serious, like his standing there reporting the weather haha!! Zhou Mi, on the other hand, is definitely an awesome public speaker. The way he speaks is very animated with hand and head movements, the occasional smile and different tones. XDD Didnt understand a word, but I’m sure they’re just repeating what DBSK and SujuH have been saying.

Anyways, the main point of this clip is HENRY SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! A whole 38 seconds of sexy, fluent english ♥_♥ Hahaha its not like I’ve never heard him speak English before, but not this much. He says “how ya’ll doing” which I thought sounded really cool, but his introduction sounded like he was about to do “Show n Tell” LOL. Never the less, hes still adorable as always and I love his hair! Yes I’m sucking up cuz his going to be my future translator when I meet the boys lol XDDD


  1. lollers. ^.^VV

    It’s surprising how interesting this short clip was. Hangeng’s clip was definitely very stilted. It was pretty obvious that he was reading off a teleprompter… WAAAY too stiff. Henry’s wasn’t that bad. Sounded a lot more fluid and natural. Detected a bit of a Canadian accent (I’m so horrible), but it was REALLY cute his consistent use of y’all. Not as still as Hangeng’s though. Hangeng sounded really really unnatural. Zhou Mi’s was DEFINITELY the best of the three though. Not only did it NOT sound like he wasn’t reading from a teleprompter, but he also sounded very fluid and succinct and animated. Hangeng’s was like “snooze.” Whereas, ZhouMi’s actually sounded pretty perky and excited. It sounded VERY much like a Chinese news anchor sounds; how they can just spit out all these high-sounding words and phrases at the speed of light and still sound … good.


  2. Crack a smile Hannie. Lol
    This=confimation that Henry Lau is pure unadulterated awesome. His voice is so cute and…cute!
    Zhoumi is such a peppy guy.;) You’re right, he was quite entertaining to watch and not understand.

  3. Hankyung looks so … grr. o___o’ So slow and … never mind. Let’s move onto Henry.
    THANK YOU SM FOR ALLOWING AN ACTUAL ENGLISH SPEAKER TO SPEAK ENGLISH. THANK YOU. Seriously … Yoochun’s ‘The United States and THE Canada’ annoyed me. =.=” Heh, he kept saying “y’all”. ^^ Sounds Texan, lol.
    And Zhou Mi’s Chinese compared to Hankyung is like … whoa so fast. D:


    Hankyung had so much trouble saying “w” LOL so cute.

    Yeah, they were basically saying if you can act, sing, model, dance or compose then come and try out.

    Wow, my mando is improving so much :D There weren’t subs and I understood ^___^

  5. Duuude. The cloud background for Hannie’s just made it seem more like he was reporting the weather. LOLOL.

    Mochi’s hair is getting long. Not that it’s bad. But I’ve noticed that half of M have joined Hae in his long hair campaign.

    My friends have a theory. They believe that SM has a budget for haircuts. And since the DBSK boys got new haircuts (although I wish they didn’t *glares at yoochun*), SM can now only afford to give a haircut for ONE Suju member…..

    ….why congratulations Kim Heechul.

  6. ^ dies on the haircut theory XDDDDD
    when listening to zhoumi i feel like watching real chinese TV, very proffesional, i guess that’s obvious considering he’s done MCing,
    i cant see from his eyes that he read teleprompter too, but his gesture is really natural and confident!
    what is the difference between hankyung’s and zhoumi’s?
    yay i can understand what they’re saying a bit, meaning im not failing as chinese XD

  7. nanshi
    Lol I actually wasnt thinking about teleprompter when I was watching Hankyung. The whole time I was just thinking, “man he looks exactly like the weather man I see on TV, except of course hotter XD”. If only they put a chart behind him with those cloud/rain animations and temperature readings, then it would be picture perfect haha. But you gotta admit, he looks sorta adorable being all stiff and awkward <3 Henry actually reminds me of when I do public speaking. I tend to talk a bit too fast, get a bit tongue tied, forget to swallow saliva so I end up pausing mid sentence haha. His ya’ll was adorable though! Like I said, Zhou Mi is definitely a good public speaker. He kinda draws you in and gets you clinging to his every word, even though you dont understand a thing. He just makes it look so animated, like his telling an interesting story TO YOU, which definitely holds your attention. Talented boy yea? XD

    Lol awkward Hankyung is adorable. And is it just me or did he seem to talk the most? Or maybe just slower haha. I never questioned Henry’s awesomeness, cuz that boy is made of pure win. ZM totally looked like he was telling an interesting story hey? You’d never thought he was just repeating what Geng and Henry were saying haha.

    Alex Ryom
    I KNOW RIGHT!!! Oh em gee. You would of thought out of ALL suju+dbsk boys, they would have someone who could at least speak a bit of fluent english. No offence to Yoochun, but his “The Canada” cracked me up so bad hahaha. This is also another reason why Henry and ZM are totally awesome <3

    LOL Keep dreaming! Though I wouldnt mind having him as my translator cuz I’m pretty sure he’s the only one that would be able to understand me. I was laughing so much when Hankyung said “www” but then I didnt want to say anything about it cuz I was worried that thats how Chinese say it hahaha. So Im assuming it isnt? and that I can diss him out for it? XDD

    Hahahaha *hi5* Great minds think alike =P The whole time I kept thinking that he would start blurting out temperature readings or something haha. I LOVE your hair theory!! HAHAHAHA Thats so true =_= Hae’s hair is getting to the point where I’m tempted to fly over to China/Korea/wherever he is and cut his hair! And Siwon’s bun is killing me grrr..Henry’s wavy hair looks good though!

    Lol at least you could sorta understand a bit. I had no idea what Hankyung and ZM were saying, so I wouldnt know what the difference is lol. ZM did an excellent job. He’s use to the spotlight (the camera whore hahaha) and it really shows here. Confident, fluent, energetic, animated, hot, sexy lol XD


    For serious, I screamed when I read that part in the post. OMG SO CHECKING THIS OUT!!!!

    I for serious have a lame obsession to hear Henry speak in english! Like I’d watch that clip in behind the story just to hear him say “classical” and “okay”. XD

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME no wait, i think you do XD


  9. querubin
    SAME SAME!! I really like it when I hear Henry speak english. Nice proper, understandable english XDDDD and YES I KNOW HOW HAPPY THIS MADE YOU!!! hahaha

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