Posted by: beckery | September 1, 2008

Lee Bul – 영원 (Forever) MV Teaser

Credits to soshisubs2 @ youtube

Lee Bul is a new singer on the block. I have no idea what he looks like, how old he is and whether he can actually sing or not. But I, like everyone else, am definitely curious about his new MV because of the star-studded cast. The stars involved in the MV include Jung Ah (Jewelry), Dongwan (Shinhwa <3), Sasha, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Taeyeon (SNSD), Sunye (Wonder Girls) and Shindong (Suju).

The teaser looks really interesting as each person represents a different emotion/concept: (Credits to soshisubs2 cuz I got it from the youtube vid)

  • Jungah – Nostalgia.
  • Dongwan – Sadness.
  • Sasha – Tears.
  • Gain – Memories.
  • Taeyeon – Sorrow.
  • Sunye – Promise.
  • Shindong – ?

All the girls look really pretty, especially Sunye (she looks gorgeous)! I’m totally biased but omo Dongwan looks so sad, it breaks my heart. Seriously, he looks like his about to cry and I want to cry with him too T_T Shindong looks really cute holding the rose and I have no idea who Sasha is haha. The song sounds really good so far and Lee Bul’s voice is pretty good. Sounds like a very heartbreaking ballad! Full MV is out on the 10th, so I’m definitely going to look out for it.


  1. LOL this is “Blanket” :D

    Tae Yeon’s didnt really seem “sorrowful” :S but how much does she look like Stephy??? Seriously O.o

  2. LOL
    Candychu, i was thinking the same thing
    TaeYeon came out, and i was like ?.

    I predict this will be a good new artist!!
    Because anyone who can include Shindong..with a little ?.
    Is the best!

    Jungha, Sasha, & Sunye, are extremely pretty!
    Esp. Jungha!
    I’m not being baised..right?

  3. C
    Lol We’ll stick to Lee Bul ok. Cuz the song sounds pretty decent so far and his voice isnt bad. So I dont want to laugh at him whenever I see him perform cuz then I’d be thinking he was “blanket”. Stephy Tang right? If so, then Stephy is prettier I think. but yea, she doesnt exactly look “sorrowful” haha its probably the shock before being sorrow? Like you go thru crazy stage first? haha IDEK. Was kinda busy pausing at Dongwan’s part XDDD

    Lol your so biased!! tsk tsk. *I* think Lee Bul would be a good artist because his song sounds decent =P Not because he had Dongwan in it lol. Though I gotta give him credit for having such a star studded cast involved. And having Dongwan and Shindong involved just gives him a few more brownie points. Ok, more like a couple of hundred more brownie points XDD

  4. This really reminds me of Magolpy(if anyone remembers who she is.) No one knew who she was or what she looked like but her debut MV was loaded with celebs. Still, I actually liked the “Bi Haeng So Nyuh” MV and Lee Bul doesn’t sound so bad in this.

  5. laflor501
    Ohh I think I remember her MV. I dont remember her though lol. I remember it had Yoochun, Heechul, Kangin? Someone else aswell but I cant remember lol. It was an alright song I think…

  6. @ laflor501and beckery i think you are talking about bihaeng sonyo or girl in flight mv of…hahaha i dont remember the name of the singer XD ah magolpy XD

    Shindong looked really cute here! Cant wait to see the MV.

    And i hope you dont mind, ive been out of the loop forever for a few weeks and i was wondering whats up with donghee’s weight loss? i keep hearing things like he’s losing weight on purpose now? he looks good, but sometimes i miss my big huggable shindong! he can lose the hair by all means though XD hope someone replies thanks :D

  7. querubin
    I’m actually not too sure. I noticed that his losing heaps of weight too. Maybe he wants to be more healthy? I just hope his not using some extreme weight loss program, cuz his loss a lot of weight in such a short time =S

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