Posted by: lovediaries | September 1, 2008

080829 Music Bank Comeback FT Island – After Love

I…don’t actually follow FT Island because I’ve never really gotten into their music XD But I do like them because they’re all really good looking. I’m, er, usually not this shallow but I saw some recent pics of their performance and I couldn’t help but drool a little so I thought I’d actually watch a performance.

Even though their average age is 17 and older than SHINee, I always use their age as an excuse to not fangirl them. Which makes absolutely no sense, since I just pointed out they’re older than SHINee XD Except Jaejin is still younger than me and he’s my favourite ;____; But anyway. I can still go nutso over 3 of them without feeling guilty so it’s all good :D

Plus, we have a FT Island category with one post ROFL so we really should make more use of it :P

{credit: soulfanatic @ youtube}

I honestly feel like a total noob watching this clip LOL. What can I say? I can’t compare it to any other performance of them … I don’t really have the right to make a critical judgment … but their performance was really coool :D Yay for instrument playing boys.

I personally think that HongKi’s voice is really mature (and strong too) which is why it always seems a little weird to me hearing him sing. He has such a pretty face and his voice is like Yesung’s ? LOL. There is nothing wrong with Yesung’s voice (don’t get me wrong) but at least Yesung has a very boyish face. And he isn’t 18. If you get what I mean?

I don’t really know if I’m feeling their new look on them or not. I always see them as little boys and suddenly they comeback and … HongKi’s wearing eyeliner and black nail polish. I’m not really used to it I guess. If SHINee suddenly dressed like this I’d probably have a heart attack too lol.

The camera only really focused on HongKi and WonBin when it was his little bit but I wanted to see the other boys too :( Especially little Minhwan on the drums *coos at him*.

Anyways, despite everything I’ve said I was really impressed. So look forward to more FT Island posts! I know at least one reader likes them lol Right, chrestos? :PP


    you should write about them more often..they are good =]]
    i’m waiting for their new albumm…..
    can’t waitttttt
    SHINee’s album is out today!!!!

  2. lol Candychu coo-ing at Minhwan, cute

  3. ♥_♥

    I LIKE. HAHAHA YES POST MORE ABOUT THEM x) Wonbin wonbin wonbin~! :D

    I love hongki’s short hair (: Bin needs a haircut. SO DOES JONGHUN, big time ._. but I like Jaejin’s new hair :D I’m so pathetic, I only can talk about their hair. Tsk!

  4. <33333 so much love.

    Post mooooooore about these boys please <3 Hongki has a killer set of lungs XD But OMG I totally need to see more of Minhwan because he’s completely, utterly my favorite *squeals*
    But…. Wonbin looked REALLY REALLY hot. Whenever I see his rap part in the performances of After Love with my sister, I always beg her to go back so that we can watch him again XD
    Um. Don’t even get me started on Jaejin because his hair is a;lsdjflasdjflkaj awesome. It’s just…. just…. just….. ♥_♥

    More more, post more on FTI. And I give you two cookies in return for the cupcake and for doing a post on FTI *smuggles cookies to candychu secretly*

  5. yiyiisme
    Ooh, has posting about FTIsland earned us a new commentor? ;) Haha, I will try to write more about them (even though I already follow so many fandoms ;____;). They’re an awesome bunch, I can tell so I guess it will be worth my time :P

    Hmm, you mean Colourful Sensibility? Hasn’t that come out already :S

    Haha but Minhwan is like a little baby…in my eyes, anyway xP

    FINE. I’ll post more about them because ILU so :PP
    Yeah, Hongki is looking mighty fine hahaha. I’m ignoring Jonghun’s hair for now because I complained about it to someone already LOL. Haha yeah, the focus should be on their performance!!

    I WILL <33 Agree! I know! The other 3 seriously got no screentime ;____; Aww, you’re so cute lol! Watch it in private and you can rewind as many times as you want :P Lol everyone is loving Jaejin’s hair xP

    Ooh I love cookies *munches on them happily*

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