Posted by: beckery | September 2, 2008

Lee Hyun Ji ft Onew – Vanilla Love

Listen to Lee Hyun Ji ft Onew-Vanilla Love. Sorry the link didnt work before, but its fixed now XD

Have no idea who Lee Hyun Ji is, but you can watch her Kiss Me Kiss Me MV (starring Shinhwa’s Junjin) *Here* Umm personally, I think she’s ok. Nothing fantastic or astounding. Plus, her songs arent really my type. They’re a bit too cutesy for me lol. Onew sounds good though XD Also, we dont really like putting in music download links because of legal issues (yes, we’re wimps haha) However, if you’re absolutely desperate for the song and can no way find it by other means, then leave a comment saying you love me and I’ll give you the download link XD


  1. I already have the song *smug*. I was going to post about the MV but I figured you’d eventually get to it :PP Have you seen JunJin’s repackaged album up on YA?

    I reckon this Hyunji girl is cute but her music is … annoying? :S

  2. Her songs are okay, but I think the KissMe MV was pretty cute to look at. I think this girl was part of the group Banana Boat ’cause I remember her from X-Man and they called her the Banana Girl >-<

  3. I been searching for this song! I absolute love this song. Mostly because of Onew…hehehe. I would greatly appreciate

  4. C
    Haha you know me too well =P and Yea I knew about JJ’s repackaged but I dont think I’m getting it. Must save up for Shinhwa stuff lol.

    Ohh no wonder I keep seeing the word “Banana” when I youtube or google her. Though I’ve never heard of the band Banana Boat hahaha…I’ve only listened to this song. I havent even watched the MV yet lol. Will do soon.

    Kelly Long
    Its an ok song lol. Its really not my type though and um have you found the song yet? Or did you want the link for the song, cuz I can give it to you XD

    ty for this ! ive been waiting to hear onew !! ^__^
    his voice really suits this & everything, weee !
    go onew oppa <3



    Seriously… Onew! Sounds so cutely- yet manly… Not a big fan of the girl, but it’s so sute! ^_^ < — Onew smile!

    PS- I love you too!!!! For posting! Thanks so muchies!

  7. Jenny
    Its alright, I’m glad you liked it XDD His voice IS nice here, I just didnt really like the girl’s voice hahaha.

    Hahaha THANK YOU for loving me *hands you a lolly* <3 I feel really happy when I get comments like yours cuz it makes me feel appreciated XD And yea, im not a huge fan of the girl’s voice either, but Onew is good!

  8. I’m searching for this song…finally know what this song name..when i listened to it at the first time, the guy sounds like Onew..then i said this is onew’s voice hehehe..wondering where i can download this ong

  9. Mannie
    Awww I’m glad you finally found know what the song’s name is. And here, I’ll give you the download link for it. Please dont hotlink though XD

  10. Hey, um. Are Banana Girl and Lee Hyun Ji the same person?

  11. Aww! I love that song, I seriously can’t find it anywhere to download for my iPod. T^T

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