Posted by: lovediaries | September 2, 2008

Replay = Magic Dance + Love like Oxygen Parody

Wow. Replay truly has amazing choreography. It matches with every single song.

U Go GIrl – The clip used is one of their rehearsal one where Taemin fiddles around with the camera at the start. Nothing’s been edited, but the dance seriously suits the song O.o Also, Key and Jonghyun must really love Taemin’s solo dance. I didn’t remember til I rewatched it but they danced to his solo in this clip and then again when they went karaoke-ing XD

So Hot – Fans used the MV and edited it here and there to match So Hot. In some parts, it actually looks likethe boys are lipsynching to So Hot. Especially Onew and Minho XD.

Love like Oxygen – Made by kisung85 and taken fresh off her LJ comm. The others are probably going to tell me off for watching this LOL but it was FUNNY!!! I don’t know how to rate these things ROFL coz I became corrupt a long time ago but warning: there are talks of male body parts and homosexuality. SHINee are trying to tell people they’re not gay and that SJ and DBSK members should stop assuming they are just because they signed a contract with SM XD.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!! XD I started following links and…that song IS a magic song!!
    Annnnd I have more college tomorrow. So this is like the perfect go-to-sleep-and-forget-the-world kind of posts.
    My roommate thought I was crazy for watching it like twice.

  2. ROFLMAO “Leeteuk go lie to someone else about being a top” xDDDDDD And…xD I don’t think I ever quite thought of Kibum’s name that way until tonight. There’s a first for everything…

    I just got back to my dorm a few hours ago, and I’m already fangirling again…so much for schoolwork. xD

    So I guess this is why everyone should learn the Replay dance? You’ll never have to worry about feeling at loss at dances again XDDDDDD.

  3. sujucupcakes
    Haha I love doing fangirly stuff before I go to bed because chances are, I’ll dream of someone and nice things happen :D

    LOL some parodies you watch and they completely change the way you see things XD. Omg I know eh! Learn this dance and you will be the coolest girl ever XDD

  4. The U Go Girl one was almost perfect and even more hilarious now that we’ve seen Shinee in a norebang. I wish they had actually done this song.

    The parody has once again ruined my impression of a song. I still think “Ah ah I’ve got candy in my pants” or “Ah ah I’ll be in my underwear” during Replay. T.T Taemin’s line about making it home pure was hilarious though. So dirty but so

  5. laflor501
    Omg, I would love for SHINee to perform U Go Girl. Actually, there are a number of songs I would like to see SHINee perform. Though right now, Y Si Fuera Ella is def. up the top. Even if it only involves Jonghyun XD

    Haha I try to forget the fake lyrics LOL but it can be quite traumatising xPP

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