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SHINee’s Thank you messages

I’m waiting for translations (only have Onew’s so far only missing Key and Minho’s now) but I thought I’d just post these up because there’s something interesting I want to point out. Despite Minho being oh so quiet and extremely shy, check out the length of his message!! It’s like…almost longer than Onew’s O.o It probably is, actually.

Of course, I have no idea what any of it says but it’s very unlikely it simply contains a list of people to thank. I mean, Onew has pretty much covered every single person in their company already XD So I’m really curious as to what he wrote lol. I mean, Kibum is pretty quiet and his thank you message in Don’t Don was like two lines and that’s acceptable cause it’s Kibum. But Minho…he’s going to continue to surprise us all, I’m sure. I’m over-analysing things, aren’t I?

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{Credit: shinee-ing / kimchi_hana @ soompi forums}


I would like to thank Lee Soo Man sunsaengnim(Teacher) first, who created our 5 member group SHINee whom I respect very much. To Manager Kim Youngmin who’s been like a father to us, Jung Changhwan leesanim who’s always helped us whenever with his efforts, thank you so much.

Also Yoo Youngjin leesanim. Thank you very much for always doing this for our good and putting so much effort for us! Thank you to my mom and dad whom I love and am sorry to for always making them worry about their son. Thank you so much for bringing me into this world. Don’t worry too much. I am a bad son, but I will work really hard and become a son that can make you happy and proud! I love you. And also to Kang Jungah nuna who’s been helping me since training who I respect, Youngjun hyung who watched over us at nights. And Jini hyung for always cheering right behind us. My heart is always sorry and thankful. I will never forget your support until the day I die. Kyunjae hyung, I know how you’ve prayed every night for us. I love you! Kwajangnim, thank you for saying we’ll do good wherever and for saying only good things when we do wrong. Even though it was only for a while, thank you for truly worrying and giving us your love Daebin Hyung. To Hyejoon nuna who’s really been with me us since we started training. I’m on a diet right now…Haha^^ Yunjung nuna.. I think I will never forget your tears. Also Ahreum nuna who’s always showing us her smiling side~ Lee Jungah nuna who first casted me to the SM family. I will never change my greeting! Tak Yunjoo nuna who’s been like a mother, worrying if we’re sick somewhere or if we get something to eat! Min Hyejin nuna who’s working all night and giving us nice clothes to wear. You must be tired taking care of us, right? Kim Eunah nuna, Jung Sanghye nuna, thank you very much. Also ______(Can’t see it) who’s always with us during our recordings all night and playing games with us. Huh gisanim, Lee gisanim, Jin gisanim, thank you for your efforts.

And also the rest of the members Jonghyun, Kibum, Minho, and Taemin. I love you all so much and thanks for following a leader like hyung who lacks a lot. I will work to become a really cool hyung in the future^^ Thank you to our patient Boa sunbaenim, DBSK sunbaenims for always monitoring and coaching us, Super Junior sunbaenims for their hard efforts..Thank you to SNSD sunbaenims who always cheered us on. Thank you for all the SM staff who are like family and artist sunbaenims who I could not mention!!! Thank you to Kenzi nuna who always gives us good lyrics. Daesung hyung, Younghoo hyung, Yunjae hyung, Iksoo hyung, Wheesung hyung, Lim Jihan nuna, Kwon Yunjung nuna, thank you. Jinbo hyung, Dongyup hyung, Seulah nuna, thank you for your help. Thank you to the staff for all the strength you’ve given us. Changsup hyung, Gyungsuk hyung, Hyukjoo hyung, Jinsoo hyung, Hyungjae hyung, ChangIk hyung, thank you. Thank you so so much Jaewon hyung, Sanghoon hyung, and Jinyoung hyung.

Last, I want to thank my friends Seungmin, Jiwon, Byungjoon, and Inkyu. I still remember your encouragement. I won’t forget it. Now fighting! To all the people in the word I cannot express my gratitude to, I truly thank you. You know me, right? Thank you again to Lee Sooman sunsaengnim for this change. Thank you. I will always try hard.

“thanks for following a leader like hyung who lacks a lot” – omg this line made me sob. Argh, ONEW <33 I’m sure you will one day become the “coolest” hyung ^___^v


First I’d like to thank Lee Sooman sunsaengnim for bringing SHINee together. It’s because of him that we are SHINee. Thank you very much to Kim Youngmin sajangnim who’s put a lot of effort so we can do well, Jung Changhwan leesanim who has given us great opportunities, and the greatest artist Yoo Youngjin leesanim. Thank you to Kang Jungna nuna who’s always lent me her ears, Youngjun hyung who’s taken care of us and giving us advice, Jini hyung who’s put more effort to us than anyone for us to to well. Daebin hyung who’s lately been helping with his efforts along Jini hyung, Minsung hyung who believed in me and scheduling good radio shows. Kyungjae hyung who takes care of us whether it’s raining or snowing, Sungsoo hyung who always finds good music, Yunjung nuna who’s taken care of us during training, Hyejun nuna who is scary, but always gives wise advice, to the kind Ahreum nuna, Lee Jungna nuna who casted me during auditions; thank you. Thank you to Park Junyoung chajangnim who plans and makes the music videos to be good, Hyejin nuna who takes care of us during shows to make us look better, Eunah nuna who puts effort so we can be in news, Sanghye nuna, Yunjoo nuna for many things, Huh gisanim, Lee gisanim, and Jin gisanim for helping every time we’re recording. Thank you to Younghoo hyung, Daesung hyung, Yunjae hyung, Kenzie nuna, Lee Jaemyung jagokganim, and Hongsuk jagokganim for composing great music. Minjung nuna, Thank you to our hairstylists Haejin nuna, and Pilan nuna, makeup artist Junghyung nuna, Hyoeun nuna, and Jisun nuna, designer Ha Sangbaek siljangnim, stylists Dongyup hyung, Jinbo hyung, Seuli nuna, and Yunjoo nuna. Thank you to the choreography team leader Changsup hyung, and Kyungsuk hyung, Hyukjoo hyung, Jinsoo hyung, Hyunjae hyung, Changik hyung, Mandu hyung, Kwanghun hyung, and Saehye hyung (Then the work back is there for some reason I don’t understand…) for always doing their best. I will never forget my thankfulness. Thank you Jinyoung hyung who helped with our very first song and has the best vocals. Thanks to JM hyung who really has a good sound and Hoo Nihoon hyung who’s the worlds great rapper!! Thank you to Jaewon hyung and Sanghoon hyung, the greatest artists whom I truly respect. Thank you for all your help. I will really work hard!^^ Lastly to the people who I really love, my dad, mom, hyung, Chinchuk, friends… Please watch over me! I will become a more reliable Taemin~ Again, I want to thank Lee Sooman sunsaengnim and everyone in the SM family. Thank you God for giving me this great opportunity to meet these amazing people.


First I’d like to thank Lee Sooman sunsaengnim who’s helped SHINee debut. And also Manager Kim Youngmin for his interests and advice. Thank you Jung Changhwan Leesanim who’s always brought us laughter and advice. Thank you to Kang Jungah nuna who everyone is scared of. I really like you nuna…duldul(It’s him shivering, I think). Thank you to the management who’s been like family and Youngjun hyung who’s taken care of us. General Jinihyung who has a deep heart, on air Minsung hyung. The ending clock is the best. (Don’t understand it.) Daebin hyung~ Kyungjae hyung who prays for us…Best…Yunjung nuna…It will start again in December…Heut…I think tears will come out when I look at nuna…Hyejun nuna, please wait a little longer… Shabang Shabang Ahreum nuna is the best~ Lee Jungah nuna~ Do you remember me back then…? Thank you Yoo Youngjin Leesanim who’s given me energy and Park Junyoung Chajannim , Eunah nuna, and Sanghye nuna who’s worked so hard for us and greatest style Hyejin nuna!! Winning greatest Huh Gisanim, taciturnity Lee Gisanim, kind hearted Jin Gisanim, I love you!! Sungsoo hyung~ I believe in your decision… Ha Sangbaek Siljangnim for leaving famous sayings…And also Haeya(Jonghyun’s Solo title)…Kenzie nuna…you really did a great job…Younghoo hyung, Taesung you really are like blood related hyungs!! Hongsuk Jagokganim, Yunjae hyung are the greatest!! Iksoo hyung~ You are really fun!! And thank you to everyone in the SM family for all their hard work! I really thank you~ I am always leaning on you. Jinyoung hyung… please hold on tightly to my hand. Thanks to Jaewon hyung who I want to run to…angry and krump(?) monarcy(?!) Sanghoon hyung, Sokcho’s flower Seulah nuna, come back Dongyup hyung, world’s greatest Jungmyung nuna, speed racer Minjung nuna, and all the staff~ And also my SM friends…YC~ I want to go back~ I really want to see you guys…Taejiholic Junhyuk, even when I write his name, the impatient Taejin, Hoyun who likes SNSD more than I do, Seunyeon’s good atmosphere(?), Anna who sings very well, unforgettable Hyejin, I will call you hyung, Choi Junghwan, big brother Kyuwan hyung, bad boy Oonkyu, Giljjok Giljjok Jongin, I want a house Byungyang!!. Don’t write my name Chunyeon! Seunghwan hyung, Joongsung hyung!! 뭉쳐야죠!!(Don’t understand…) Sookkyung nuna who started everything…Thank you..Do not be upset if your name isn’t here, but put in names that I really love (Do not understand!)…Family that I love…And also uncle…Believe in me..This is the beginning. Lastly to the SHINee members… Our life is the same…you know, right? Now let’s change. (Part of their cheer before going on stage) Go! Go!

Note: kimchi_hana said Jonghyun’s message is a bit confusing, so it might not really make sense.


  1. lol! Taemin: “hyejun nuna who is scary” he’s such a kid at heart!

  2. ^Haha I know eh. I was reading and thought “Wow, you dare say that??” then I realised it was Taemin so that’s ok XD

  3. Jonghyun … makes no sense. xD Maybe he was having trouble, lol. I wouldn’t know who to thank if I was a celebrity… o___o’

  4. Gee, I wish I could remember every person I’ve ever met.Lol But seriously, they are so humble and thankful. It’s nice to see. I’m so entertained that Bling Bling Jonghyun managed to come up with a nickname for every last one of the people.^^
    I’m seeing more “leader” in Onew every day.<3<3<333

  5. Wow, Minho’s message is really long. .

    “thanks for following a leader like hyung who lacks a lot” – He really said that? How touching. I really believe he meant that too – he seems very sincere and humble. Ah, he’s got such an honest face!

    I agree with laflor, Onew really seems to be growing into his leadership role. I feel bad now for wondering why they chose him as the leader. Sorry, leader Onew. ;_;

  6. Alex Ryom
    Lol I just kept reading a list of names which went on and on. But then again, it is their first album :P

    Haha I know eh! I bet they secretly have a list they keep and just add to it whenever they meet someone new :P

    I’m sure Onew is a better leader than we see. He’s made out to be such a dork (which he probably is) but I’m sure he’s also very mature. And sweet :D

    I know, I’m still waiting for translations ;____; Wonder if they’re up yet…
    That was definitely the sweetest thing ever. He is humble indeed. His good qualities don’t include a sense of humour XDD but everything else pretty much makes up for it :D Onew <333

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