Posted by: beckery | September 3, 2008

Big Bang Filming No No No Campaign Pics

Just felt like posting these cuz they’re funny haha. TOP as a doctor and cute Seungri as a nurse is just hilarious. In one of the pics, Seungri looks like a perverted male nurse HAHAHAHA. The loser! XDD Their campaign clip will be aired on Sunday at Inki.

Credits to beau1529 @ Popcornfor2 and SBS/bigbangpop

My favourite picture: (ROFL How wrong funny does that look? *giggles*)

More pics under the cut.


  1. Ooh roleplay, eh? I wouldn’t mind if Seungri gave me an injection of a different sort ROFL. I would triple strike that out if I could XD

    *runs and hides*

  2. keybum
    Yea like making a different alias will soooooooo confuse me and hide the fact that your a naughty girl!! Tsk tsk, who’s putting these dreadful thoughts into your not so innocent mind? lol

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