Posted by: potensvita | September 3, 2008


Helo, maybe it is wise that I reintroduce myself. Helo, kids … (laughs, I am 21. Officially old in the world of fangirlism) I am potensvita. Most of you all might not know me well, simply because of the very very introvert me in the amount of posts I did. I felt really bad for not posting and hence, to type this out as of now, I wondered whether I had made another commitment that I can’t keep.

Maybe, I will let time tell. So, now, I am back at the new sem and my summer was spent in a very hectic but fun way.

Everytime, I want to pen down something, I really pondered about the title. I admitedly will wear a sentimental girl tag because I think everything had a meaning behind its course.

The same goes to this cute and yet not annoying MV of Telepathy by YounHa. My idol is back and she is now rocking Korea as her album had got the first placing in the daily chart. Of course, recently, she had a comeback at InkiGayo but her MV is out.

Luckily for us, Wondersmurf or previously known as coolsmurf had encoded it with subs curtesy of cuttiesgirl. Cheer to fansubbing! XD

THIS MV IS SO CUTE> The lyrics were so good and I had never enjoyed a MV that was so funny. Maybe you guys should watch it yourself.

credit : wondersmurf @ youtube.

I really really laughed when she passed the toilet rolls when her crush is in the toilet. laughs.

but I love the idea behind it. It showed how a girl pins on a guy and sometimes, it never occur to the girl that she should just confess. Maybe I had misintepret it but I think the MV is a big encouragement to all the girls out there that everyone should be brave and just confess.

as there is no such thing as telepathy.

If there were, the guys in my place would have been rejecting me non stop. ;3



  1. Hehe, the video is so cute^^ I love how it’s a NERDY guy that she’s crushing on =D yay for nerds!~

  2. Somehow I just never found time to get into Younha, too many guy groups killing my brain I guess. The perfs. and songs I’ve heard from her are all impressive though, and you’re right, the MV is cute but not annoying b/c Younha is so talented and mature looking. She’s really young though isn’t she? Not exactly my style, but a nice peppy song. I like her hand gloves!^^

  3. lol the mv is so cute! she’s really rocking the whole rock style with that hair and eyeliner. ^^ i like this song. =)

  4. The MV is really great. I was actually quite disappointed with all her previous ones, except the first Beat Motion haha.

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