Posted by: beckery | September 3, 2008

Random Suju clips..

Since Suju fandom is a bit slow these days, here’s a few random clips I just found on youtube, to satisfy your Suju cravings XDDD

Kibums Speaks English In Chunja Does anyone else miss this guy like I do? =( This is in the latest episode of Chunja and our Kibummie flaunts some of his engrrisshhhh…hahahaha…I love this guy, I really do! But I seriously didnt understand half the things he said lol. However, if you just looked at the girl’s reaction, you would of thought he was saying some sexy, fluent english haha.  

Shindong + Eunhyuk – Hot and Cool I think this is to promote Summer? Yea ok I fail. But anyways its only 33 secs so do watch it. They talk about whats so good about summer. And ROFLMAO you HAVE to watch for Hyuk’s answer. Find out what this porn watching perve adorable boy likes about Summer XDDD hahaha…

SJH Yoriwang Perf with fans Lol once again, I have no clue where this is from. But the boys (minus Kangin) are dancing and singing in this small karaoke room? with a few fangirls. Man I’m so jealous T_T I want to dance with them too! And Hyukjae you better take your hands off that girl immediately!  The boys are totally on crack, I mean look at them! They’re sooooo high and energetic and just bouncing everywhere hahahaha. And it was so funny when Eunhyuk was acting all cute for the camera at the end and Teuk was like ‘what are you doing?’ hahaha.


  1. Kibum wasn’t kidding when he said that his English is getting bad because he’s not using it anymore. LOL. Aww man. Can’t help but think of Full House when I saw this. I miss Kibum so much! MR. DIE SMILE COME BACK TO US!!

    Suju in a noraebang is pure WIN! We’ve already seen them in a sauna (again, Full House) so it’s about time we some karaoke action from the boys. (I’m not counting Sukira although that radio booth is like a satellite noraebang for them). :D

  2. I MISS KIBUM :( ALOT! Hahaha I love his Engrish x) Although Henry’s english has well overtaken his :x

    I love EunTeuk. They’re such dorks!

  3. I thought Kibum was just being a modest perfectionist (that I assume he probably is) when he said his English was getting bad, but ummmm I guess not. Wow. Brush up on the English skills with Henry.

    Though I think his voice has deepened A LOT since Full House and their debut days so that might also be affecting it?

  4. moonynim
    Yeah..I was thinking about Full House too. Gosh I miss those days. Now, everyone is everywhere *pouts* I want a clip of ALL the members at noraebang. Imagine the amount of crack/craziness we’ll get?!? haha

    I love Kibum’s deep manly voice. Its getting so deep now. If only he had nice, sexy, fluent, english like Henry than he’d have the perfect bedroomphone voice XDDD EunTeuk is becoming one of my top couples these days. Hae better come back soon or EunTeuk will take over EunHae =(((

    Yeaaaa thats what I thought too! His voice is soo deep and manly now. Its definitely hawt. I blame it on the background music and the fact that he was mumbling heaps, so I couldnt really hear him that well…Though yea, his english is getting quite accented haha.

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