Posted by: lovediaries | September 3, 2008

SHINee pictures from Reality Show Ep 7

{credit: as tagged; shinee-ing; achelhouston @ soompi}


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LOL. I’m just finding Jonghyun’s pics REALLY FUNNY. There are more…I’m just too lazy to upload *cackles*. Link to soompi > > *HERE*. If you don’t have access to soompi, then I’ll upload more LOL.

They’re possibly from their reality show…whatever it is, I hope it broadcasts soon because I had a fit just staring at the pics.

Key is like a director? And there’s one pic of him just leaning casually against a wall *O*. Can’t wait to Friday ~ That’s usually when the next ep of their reality show is uploaded and subbed, right? ^___^ I’ll be on time for once! Lol.

Oh and I finished watching SJM BGF (outdoor). HANKYUNG BROKED HIS KNEE ;~;. And I’m so proud of Henry <3 He managed to do almost everything (except for the wrestling thing which was totally unfair and the boat challenge where Siwon pulled him in anyway) XD.


  1. I’m starting to notice the overflow of SHINee posts, lol. Taemin’s pose in the picture where he’s holding the sword is so funny. The way he’s standing reminds me of a model on a runway ^_^.

  2. Why are you laughing at Jonghyun? I thought he and Minho looked the best out of the lot. Onew would have been perfect if that big grin wasn’t on his face – oy, how am I supposed to believe he’s a samurai (or something) when he’s smiling like that? I love the pictures though – they intrigued me. ^^

  3. Jonghyun looks so adorable there XD

  4. abc123zyx
    Haha…I wonder if that’s a subtle hint to tell me to stop with the overflow of SHINee posts? XDD.

    LOL COZ HES FUNNY :D/ Nah, he looks really really handsome…but then he’s on the floor and…lol idk ITS CUTE! Can’t wait for ep7 !

    I know, he’s so cute ^____^

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