Posted by: lovediaries | September 3, 2008

SuJu M on Bravely Going Forward (Outdoor)

{credit: ilovekido @ youtube}

Part 1 of 7

They’ve been subbed so you guys won’t be needing translations ;)

I really wanna watch this but I probably won’t get round to it until the weekend. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up watching it tonight.

ANYWAY, I should at least try and get some work done first XD.

Maybe bbl ~!

Here I am again T_T I’ll remind everyone that in this show, they undergo all these different challenges in order to raise funds for a particular cause. I think here, it was for schooling in underprivileged places. They basically have 4 keys to collect (after each task) and the first one involves them crossing this bridge with a bowl of water. They have to fill up this vase in order to retrieve the key. The challenge doesn’t simply lie within crossing a narrow bridge while carrying a bowl of water, but tennis balls will be continuously shot at them. I’m only recapping the first task because it’s me and I get extremely wordy ^^v.

Oh and I finally get what Siwon was saying about being “master”. In this context, it means “I decide”. XD Siwon unfortunately doesn’t get across the bridge. But really, if it wasn’t for everyone screaming and shouting at him, I’m sure it would’ve been easier for him to stabilize himself. Kyuhyun starts off a lot slower than Siwon which was more effective but as soon as he got to the center, the bridge shook too much. Again, the female MC was squealing and when Kyu tried regaining balance he fell backwards in a really awkward manner too. Hope he didn’t injure himself :(

Henry is next and the MC asks if he’s worried about hurting his delicate white skin LOL WTH??!! But Henry answered YES LOL. Then when he was getting water, Hankyung complained he took too little and Henry says “It’s too heavy” ROFL. What a baby XD. Anyway he’s proven to be most clever because as he reaches the center, his steps become smaller. When he almost reaches the end, he shakes his butt *O* Oh so sexy!! AND IM SO PROUD OF HIM BECAUSE HE MADE IT!

Then it’s Donghae’s turn. I saw his underwear for a second and paused the video for a lot longer. I’m such a pervert HAHAHAH. Hae is a bit of a special one because he turns the other way and he goes so slow that the attackers start complaining ahaha. And then he got hit </3 After a while the bridge shook again and the MC screamed so I’m sure you can predict what happened.

Hankyung goes next and I love him so freaking much because he’s just so focused with everything he does and when he’s given a task, he’s set out on accomplishing it. No surprise he made it across <33. And there’s enough water to get the key :DD!!!!

The next part is them dressed up as fat sumos so I’d better stop before you start getting paragraphs of ROFLMAO ALKSJALSKJD XDD #@(!*(@$! !@$!!! %! (*&$#. BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH. THEY DANCE TO U IN THOSE SUITS LOLOL XDD

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